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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Albies Trip Today

Items Bought:
2 for $4: Brownie Mix (2)
3 for $5: Ragu, Suave 2 in 1 (2)
2 for $4: Reeses Puffs
2 for $4: Fruit Snacks
2 for $5: Cookie dough
2 for $4: Suave Body Wash
2 for $4: Suave Body Wash
Total: $30

Coupons Used:
Brownie: .75/2 PRINTABLE CLICK HERE You could use $1/2 07-19 SS
Ragu: .30 8/2 RP
Sauve Shampoo: .50/2 8/2 RP
Puffs: $1/2 PRINTABLE CLICK HERE You could use $1/2 7/12 & 7/19 SS
Fruit Snacks: .50/2 7/12 SS You could use .40/1PRINTABLE CLICK HERE
Cookie dough: $1/2 PRINTABLE CLICK HERE
Suave Body Wash: (4) .75 off 8/2SS
Savings with Coupons: $7.05

Used 2 from last weeks Statesman ad match $1=$2
Used 3 from the 7/28-8/4 Albertsons ad match .75 =$2.25
Used 2 from the 8/2-8/8 Albertsons ad match .75 =$1.50
Savings with Doubles $5.75

Used 3 $5 catalinas from yesterday's trip.
Savings $15

Paid: $2.20 plus tax!

Got back $15 in catalina's for my next trip

SAVED: $45.94 and earned .05 in gas rewards!

Find out what else is on sale here!

FYI: Be prepared for empty shelves. The store I went to was out of All, Q-Tips, Vaseline lotion and Ragu (oh I guess I got the last one). All of these were on my list and I had to re-structure my game plan. You may want to find out if your store will allow you to pre-purchase your items and order them in if they are out of the things you want.

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Hardin's said...

Can I just say something. I was at Albertson's yesterday and I had a little sandwich baggie full of coupons for this deal. I turned around and they were missing!! AAaaargh! I know this has nothing to do with your story. This was a great deal, but why has this economy gotten so out of hand that someone would steal coupons. So I just wanted to say, watch out for your coupons. Keep a close eye on them. The checker at Albertson's says this has happened before.

Sarah said...

Which store did you shop at? I'm hoping to find a store that still has some Ragu.

Monica said...

Hardin- That is lame. So sorry. Feel free to vent anytime!

Sarah- I was at the State/ 36th store for this shopping trip.

Tricia said...

Sarah - the 16th and State st in Boise had a bunch of Ragu at 4pm tonight. They had some on the main shelf in the pasta aisle, and he had just stocked a shelf on an endcap at the back of the store near that aisle TOO! I hope you can make it there to get some. The shelf had traditional and meat flavors! Good luck.

Carlee said...

OK so this is for Walgreen but i went and got there vitamin shampoo and conditioner that are 3.99 and you get a $4.00 Cat back and the lady said that they would not give me the Catalina if i payed with one am i missing something or is this just how some stores are.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


aHHH I totally forgot to post about Walgreens this week. We were a little tied up with the yard sale.

THE LADY was right. Usually if you pay with an RR that you got from the same promotion THE RR will not print.
However if you pay with an RR from another promotion you should have no problem.

If the lady was refusing to give you a printed RR that is not right.

Kristi M. said...

I am bummed that I was not able to get the kids Suave items. I went to both Caldwell stores and one of the nampa ones and they were cleaned out. All 3 were also wiped out of all of the cereals. Everyone was trying to maximize the doublers before most expired.

Monica said...

Sorry Kristi- I was feeling pretty bummed about that today too. I wanted to go out tonight to use my extra three doubles but my hubby would not let me. ;(
That is $3 a transaction. Boo hoo.