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Sunday, August 16, 2009

School Supplies 8/16-8/22

First of all, let me apologize for my absence in school supply posts! I had many questions and requests the past two weeks of School Supply post being MIA! Let's just say things are pretty dang busy and my family is still my numero uno priority! :)

SECONDLY - If you haven't had time to do your BTS shopping yet, I have a great idea for you! This year I'm giving each child a "BTS (back to school) Allowence" for all their supplys and any clothes. And whatever they have left, they get to keep! This will teach them to be frugal and picky about how they spend their money! I'll have to set up different amounts for each child. I have one that needs new shoes, and another that needs a new backpack and so on. This probalby won't work too well with my kindergartner, but with my 2nd, 5th, and 8th grader, I think it'll work great!!

LASTLY - So, I took a quick browse through the ads and these are the items that I found to be the best deals. Overall, I shall be shopping at ShopKo this week as they have the best prices on the most items that I personally need (for my kids AND for my preschool!).


$.12 70-ct Spiral Notebooks (beats the $.15 Walmart price)


$.50 Composition books
$.69 24 pack #2 pencils
$.69 2-pack erasers
$2.00 Dry Erase Markers (vary in count and style)

$.25 Composition books (through Wednesday only)
$1.00 4-pack eraser
$1.00 6-pack Highlighters
$1.00 1 ream of copy paper AFTER $2.99 easy rebate ($3.99 oop)
25%-50% All Backpacks

$.44 100-ct index cards

$.49 10 pack papermate mechanical pencils
$.49 10 pack papermate pens
$.49 5-tab erasable dividers
$.49 10 pack sheet protectors (limit 3) - great for your coupon binder!!
$.49 Sharpie Marker (limit 3)

BUY 1 GET 2 FREE! (same item only - reg prices not listed, so not positive on how great a deal this is!)
24 ct crayons
Elmers Glue
10 pack Bic Pens
Crayola Washable Markers


$.99 Crayola Markers (non-washable) {limit 2}
$1.29 Crayola Washable Markers {limit 2}
$.20 24-ct Crayola Crayons {limit 4}
$.20 Elmers Glue {limit 4}
$.50 Filler Paper {limit 6}
$.50 80 ct Wireless Notebook {limit 6}
$.88 Large Scotch Glue Stick {limit 4}
$.88 Rulers {limit 4}
$.50 Pencil Box {limit 4}
$.50 10 ct pencils {limit 4}
$.50 10 ct pens {limit 4}
$.99 Fiskar 5" scissors {limit 4}

What else have you found and where?? Share the love!!

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Amber said...

If you don't want to store hop, just bring all the local ads featuring the items you want to Walmart or Target. Then, you only have to stop by one store and you can get all of your supplies at the cheapest prices. There might be more stores that price match, but those are the two I can think of off the top of my head.

Pearl Girl said...

How come I can't find watercolors anywhere this year??? A few years ago I got them for $1 and I stocked up for my preschool, now I am out and no one has them? hmmm

smiling_mama said...

I wanted you to let your readers know that I work at Shopko and a couple of weeks ago they changed their coupon policy. They no longer accept ANY internet printed coupons.
None, Nada, Zilch! No printed coupons of any kind. I work at the Shopko at Fairview and Eagle.
I'm glad that I got my Bic pens for free before they changed their policy :-)

Cathy said...

Pearl Girl - I think I recall them being on sale very early on. Hopefully we'll see them again!

Smiling Mama - thanks for the heads up!!

Julee said...

the front of the shopko ad has spiral notebooks for 10cents each - limit 18.

Lenna said...

WalMart had stretchable, reusable book covers for $.50 and 2 pk chisel point fat dry erase markers for $1. Best prices on these I've seen this year.