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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The FabuLESSly Frugal Idaho Statesman DEAL!

For the mere price of $3.00 per week, you will receive the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers.

for only $3.00 per week!

This comes to .60 per Sunday paper
(and it's like the rest of the week is free!)

You won't find a Sunday paper ANYWHERE in town for that price!!

This is such a fabulously frugal deal,
we're calling it FABULESS!!!!

So here is the nitty gritty. In order to take advantage of this FAB DEAL, you have to prepay. You can get 52 weeks (yes, thats a whole YEAR of 5 Sunday papers delivered to your door!) for the up front cost of $156.00.

Is this a FIVE STAR DEAL that I want to LOCK IN as long as possible?!?!

And you do realize that you will EASILY save that much money during your first month of serious couponing, RIGHT?!?!

Not ready to lock in a year
(warning: you may not be able to renew at this amazing price, and you'll be kicking yourself later!), you can prepay for 26 weeks and only spend $78.00 OR only prepay for 13 weeks and spend $39.00.

Again, I need to stress that you will most likely NOT be able to renew at the end of your period at this promotional rate! THAT IS WHY YOU'LL WANT TO SCROUNGE EVERY PENNY TO GET THE 52 WEEK SUBSCRIPTION!


Q: I'm already a subscriber. Can I still get this deal?
A: YES! Just call 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want to upgrade to the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 deal! If you're already getting the paper 7 days a week, you'll just prepay $2.00 per week, and then you'll start getting 4 extra Sunday papers. SWEET!

Q: Why would I want to get the daily paper as well?
A: First of all, because it's part of the deal. Secondly, you're going to want the daily so you get the Albertsons ad (and sometimes DOUBLES!) from the Wednesday paper. Third, sometimes there are other coupons (like for Fred Meyer) that come out on Thursday or Friday. Fourth, the man in your life certainly won't complain about getting the sports section to read every day!

Q: What if I'm going to leave town?

A: You can just call the circulation department and put your paper on hold (although I'd still want to get my Sunday paper if I were you!). They'll extend the length of your contract by however many days/weeks you put it on hold.

Q: What about the weeks when there will be NO inserts in the newspaper?

A: We'll warn you so you can call and put your paper on hold for that Sunday. This usually only happens on holiday weekends. Again, your subscription will be extended!

Q: I've got a big family, can I get more than 5 Sunday papers delivered to my door?

A: YES! It will just cost you an extra $.50 for each additional Sunday paper you want. You want 8 Sunday papers?? Then add an extra $1.50 per week to your prepay amount!

Q: I can hardly wait, who do I call to get this FAB deal!?!!?

A: Just contact the circulation department at 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 deal! Of course, when you tell them that FABULESSLY FRUGAL sent you, the Fab FruGALS get a small commission too. This is just one way to help support our site and keep us running!

So to recap:
  • Call The Idaho Statesman at 377-NEWS(6397) and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 NEWSPAPER DEAL and choose one of the following:
52 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers for $156.00
26 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers for $78.00
13 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers for $39.00
  • Then wake up Sunday morning feeling like a 7 year old on Christmas morning all excited to open up your paper and find all the coupon inserts your little heart desires!!
THIS IS HOW we are building our stockpile!

THIS IS HOW we are feeding our family for pennies on the dollar!!

THIS IS HOW we are making the most of the sales and promotions!

THIS IS HOW you can start doing the same thing we are!!

What are you waiting for???
Call The Idaho Statesman today (377-NEWS) and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4

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Robbie Chandler Family said...

What happens is you move and you still have pre paid for 6 months. Do you get a refund?

Karilyn said...

yes, they will refund the unused portion

debbie said...

I just called to upgrade and they wouldn't let me. Since I signed up a few months ago when there was a special on Sundays/Holidays, they said I couldn't upgrade, and that it was for new subscribers only. Anyone else having a problem upgrading??

Cathy said...

Debbie - I will contact our guy at ID Statesman. I specifically asked him about existing readers upgrading and he said it was OK. I'll leave a comment after I get in touch with him.

debbie said...

Thanks! I'll check back later. I sure appreciate all you ladies do. :)

debbie said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate you looking into it for me. I'll give him a call!

heatherlf said...

I signed up Monday night at the Albies on Five Mile/Overland with Rock who comes in once in a while I know he goes to McMillan/Ustick one too. Anyway he was offering the BSU book free with a 1 year subscribtion. It may be a great gift

Amanda said...

I think the Fab ladies get a little kick back if you mention them and call in your paper deal. I think they deserve it for all the FREE FAB deals they pass along!

someguye27 said...

I called The Statesman and signed up for the coupon special and they told me if I move out of state or have to cancel my money is NOT refundable. I may be moving next year so i just got the 26 weeks.

Shawna said...

I just tried to call and get the Fabulessly Frugal Deal and the lady said that it is just for Ada County only. I live in Mountain Home. She said that I could get the Sunday paper only for $1.25 each if I wanted multiple copies.

Is this true? I would love to take advantage of this deal!

Cathy said...

Shawna - if you're really into couponing, then I'd do it! $1.25, while not $.50, is still LESS than the $2 newstand price!

The Glutz Family said...

I just moved to Boise and subscribed to the Statesman with the fabulessly frugal deal. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to increase my savings :)

Susan said...

I tried to upgrade today and the lady (who proceeded to call me "little Susie") told me that because I already had a discounted sunday paper I couldn't switch to this deal, BUT she could upgrade me to their "coupon deal" were I get just 4 sunday papers for about 52 cents a paper but that didn't include the rest of the week. Plus if I don't call them after my pre-paid months run out, then they just continue the subscription and bill me.
I took it because I know it was a good deal, but I'm still a little miffed that "it was not possible" to get the 7 day a week...and the fact that she sounded kinda wasted.(she could have just been really really happy, I don't know)

Jana said...

It is just my husband and me - I think 5 Sunday newspapers would be a little overkill for us. Is this deal possible for 2 Sunday papers?

Fabulessly Frugal said...


The Fabulessly Frugal deal only works for 5 papers.

It does seems a little overkill for a family of two, but you could be surprised. Like this week with the Tuna or Pasta sale.

WOuldn't you rather have 10 or each (they do not expire for 2 years and they are FREE) than 4?