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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fabulessly Frugal Friday: Save an Extra $50 a Month Week 3

I told you about this Fabulous book by Robert G Allen, "Multiple Streams of Income."

I told you about this Fabulous book by Robert G Allen, "Multiple Streams of Income."In his book he highlights 50 Ways to Save $50 a Month. For the next few weeks on Fab Frug Friday we are going to share all 50 ways and give you our two cents about each one!
This is week 3, numbers 21-30. If you missed last weeks #1-10 check it out here! Wanna catch up on #11-20?

21. Free up space in your mailbox, cancel that magazine subscription you never read.
Check out our freebie section on the blog to get FREE magazines instead.
Here are a couple:
COVER Magazine - America's Source for Wholesale Merchandise, is the leading business magazine for independent retail store owners, wholesalers, distributors and closeout buyers.Click Here
Total Landscape Care - an industry news magazine for green industry and landscaping professionals.Click Here

22. Watch a parade or have a picnic, free entertainment is often the best.
The newspaper is a great source to find out about local free events!

23. Turn your car into a "chat room." Carpool to work.

Traveling is always more fun with friends, plus you can cut coupons when it is your friends turn to drive. :)

24. Join the "bus crowd" and avoid cab fare.
Cabs are very expensive and bus fares are really inexpensive!

25. Buy airline tickets in advance, and always stay through Saturday. You'll have more fun and it's a lot cheaper, too!

26. Quit that health club, join the local gym instead.
If you want to work out at home your library is a great source for work out videos.

27. "COUPONS" & "DOUBLE COUPON DAYS." Enough said.
Do I really need to say anything? Check out some of our shopping trips if you need a little more convincing.

28. What is in a name? Buy generic instead.
I used to mostly buy generic because it is less expensive. Since couponing though I find that my stockpile is full of brand name things I got for Free or cheap. When I do not have a coupon deal, I go for the generic brand though!

29. Skip the paper towels, wash your cloth ones instead!
Unless you can get them for FREE with a coupon of course!

30. Watch out for "convenience" foods, they're expensive and not as healthy for you anyway.
Stock up on convenience food when they are on a great coupons deal and them hide them away for SPECIAL occasions. IE parities, road trips ect!

You can get your own FREE copy of "Multiple Streams of Income"

OR you can purchase Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth! Second Edition at Amazon.com

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