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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulessly Frugal Friday: Save an Extra $50 a Month Week 2

I told you about this Fabulous book by Robert G Allen, "Multiple Streams of Income."In his book he highlights 50 Ways to Save $50 a Month. For the next few weeks on Fab Frug Friday we are going to share all 50 ways and give you our two cents about each one!
This is week 2, numbers 11-20. If you missed last weeks #1-10 check it out here!

Many of this weeks tips include topics we have blogged about before. I will include links to those posts in case you would like to read them!

11. Check all medical and hospital bills for errors....many insurance companies offer rewards. I have never heard about rewards, but I have had many, many times when I have found that I have been over charged or my insurance payments were not credited. Computers and people make mistakes so check your bills carefully for them to avoid being over charged.

12. Rent, never buy, something you'll only use a few times.
We love to snowmobile, but we do not own our own. We would much rather pay a couple hundred dollars a year to rent instead of thousands of dollars to buy them and then have to pay to maintain and store them.

13. Turn your yard into a department store - have a rummage sale.
We have a little experience in selling used items to earn money. You can do it too! You can even list your sale on our site if you are a Boise local. See also: Tips for Hosting a Garage Sale and Garage Sale Power Shopping

14. Switch long-distance carriers, then switch again.

Many phone companies offer incentives to switch to them. I really want to try out Magic Jack. It is only $19.95/YEAR!

15. Call waiting? Not usually? Cancel those add-on phone services you don't need.
Those little charges can really add up. Consider getting a less expensive cell phone plan if you really are not needing all of those minutes.

16. E-mail your friends instead of calling.
Have you ever tried Skype? You can have a live video call through your PC for FREE! My parents love to see their grand kids on Skype.

17. Skip the movies, rent a video instead.

We love to use Redbox! It is only $1 a day and you can often get free codes. Find FREE codes here!

18. Dine out? Eat in.
Eating at home is much less than going out. Especially if you bought your food with coupons. But if you must have a break and dine out be sure to use Restaurant.com Gift Certificates and get $25 off your $35 meal!

19. Lunch is "in the bag", or it should be.
I have talked about this before. Do you want to know how much this can save you in a year? Check out my Free Lunch Post for the answer.

20. Don't buy that book! Exercise your library card.
We love the library! The library has so many wonderful FREE programs, books, movies, music and much more. Check out what our local libraries have to offer!

You can get your own FREE copy of "Multiple Streams of Income"

OR you can purchase Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth! Second Edition at Amazon.com


Kristin said...

This list is great!!!! What a wonderful feature. I am really enjoying it.

Barbara said...

I would add that #20 works for #17 also. We get all of our movies from the library. We have to wait a little bit longer, but we haven't paid to watch a movie in 2 years!

Monica said...

Thanks Kristen! :)

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

I LOVE your FREE Lunch Post... so true!! ... you can really cut out a lot by cutting out things that don't matter anyway.
what a great post, thanks!

Leah said...

What was the conference call like? I'd go for the free book but am a little worried that there is going to be a sales pitch im going to have to sit through to get it.

Monica said...

Leah- I do not know, I did not submit for the book since I already have it. Anyone else?
It looks like the offer is down for now though. Maybe it will come back?