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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blown Away

90 minutes. That's all it took for me to choke up. Our FabuLESS Pay it Forward Garage Sale opened for business at 8am, and by 9:30 we had earned enough to buy Crissie her bike. You read that right: an hour and a half. I counted the money, then sat back and looked around.

There was a reader whom we had never met before Thursday furiously arranging kids clothes just so on the tables. Another two manning the bake sale. Still another helping an elderly woman sift through items. Those readers were scattered among tens of thousands of donated items, surrounded by a steady stream of shoppers. I paused for a second to take it all in. And my throat got a little tight.

I was an English major in college but I cannot find an adjective that adequately describes what I experienced today. I was reminded that people are inherently good, as complete strangers gave up hour upon hour of their lives to help a woman and a family they had never met. I was overwhelmed by your support as I returned home day after day to find my driveway packed with new donations. I was humbled by your generosity as you paid $100 for a loaf of bread. I was amazed at your willingness to serve as you rubbed your sleepy eyes, perhaps cursing us under your breath for our 5am start time (although, come to think of it, I never heard a negative word uttered).

You, our selfless reader, made this silly little dream a reality. And not only did you see to it that this sale would happen, but in less than 2 weeks time you made sure it would be a sale that would bring a community together, make visible one of the most charitable groups I have ever come in contact with and blow the top off our monetary goals.


Our current total (NOT including our Pay Pal donations) is:

$2, 749.96

YOU raised $2, 749.96 in 6 hours. We don't know how to adequately thank you. We're not sure we ever will.

We are going to give Crissie $1000 to buy the bike or whatever her family needs (because this really was not about a bike). The rest of the money including the uncounted paypal donations will go to the Jason Wolfkiel Cancer Benefit Fund.

Here are just a few of you who need to be thanked publicly. If we left someone off that list (and I'm sure we did!), please forgive us. We are running on zero sleep and personally, my brain is shutting down fast!

Amber Christensen: Pocket Full of Diamonds (and your cute sister!)
Michelle Wall: Saving Some Green
Stephanie & Ryan Daniel
Rachel & Ray Johnson
Joey & Scott Nicholls
Monica Tanner Impact Pest Services
Natricia Christopherson
Kearna Whiting
Crissie, Scott, & Austin Fields
Jeanie Carter
Michelle Hurd and Kenny Gather
Mark Abercrombie
Mark Knight
Kim Wing
Jen & Brian Huffaker Family

Cheryl Anaya
Cheri & Craig Spjute
Natricia Christopherson
Amy Conner
Jani & Aaron Knox
Rachel and Ray Johnson
Jeanie Carter
Marne: Making Life Sweet one Deal at A Time
Pam Jagosh
Hilary Woodland
Jennifer Eno
Audrey Furman
Letia Derderian
Baked Goods from the LDS Kuna 1st Ward
And hundreds more of you who cleaned out closets, bagged up garages, supported the bake sale with your mouthwatering treats and made the drive to the nearest drop-off location.

Drop off locations
Edgewater Dental
Better Life Chiropractic

Andrea Roche

Spreading the word
Amber Christensen Pocket Full of Diamonds
Michelle Wall: Saving Some Green
Sarah Barrand: A Thrifty Mom
Discount Queens
Marne: Making Life Sweet one Deal at A Time
And a BIG Thanks to all of you that came out and shopped the sale. We hope you got some fabuless items!
More thank you's tomorrow when we highlight all of our raffle donors and announce the raffle winners. Until then, know that because of you, I can't wipe this ridiculous grin off my face!

Blown away,

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A Thrifty Mom said...

Wow great job ladies!!!!! I am so happy to see it went to well...I was on vacation or I would have loved to come join in the fun!!!! Way to pay it forward!!!

Pocket Full of Diamonds said...

Thank you for your cute note on my blog. I really had a blast helping. At least we were laughing during most of the sorting, right? Good times. If you ever need hangers, well, I'm there!

Cathy said...

I'm so sad that we missed it!! I am FLOORED at the amount of $$ raised! I was really worried we wouldn't have enough to get the bike for Crissie! "Oh ye of little faith!" I NEVER should have doubted! SOOO pleased to hear what a success it was! Thanks AMBER for the FAB IDEA of giving back. I love it! And thank you to the most FAB READERS in the world!!!!

kimberly said...

That's incrediable how much you raised. How neat to see others be so giving.

Five years ago when my husband was headed for Iraq our family in another state did a garage sale to earn money for a lap top to give to my husband so that he would be able to communicate with us. People were so generous the same way as in your garage sale. And that lap top my husband got was a life savor. It's awsome how communities pull together.

Amber what an inspiring idea!

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

You ladies are amazing...and inspirational, to say the least! Cheerful Givers, I love it!!

Tonia Clark said...

I wish I hadn't planned a multi-family yard sale the same day, but it was all ready in the works weeks before this one was. Needless to say we still had a reasonably profitable yard sale. My husband had just been laid off & we have been trying to figure out how we were going to get by. The funds from the yard sale will carry us through for a few more weeks or so. I feel blessed because of my own community reaching out to us, I can only imagine how you feel from this experience too! It brings tears to my eyes to read such wonderful stories of generosity in our community. Especially considering the status of our economy. God bless those who contributed in any way!

Heather said...

WOW! I only wish I could have been there to help the support.
There really are real good people out there helping those in need. People like you!