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Monday, August 10, 2009

ATTN: UTAH READERS - Albertsons Fuel Program Update!


Becky emailed us to report that when she filled up at the gas station today, the sign basically says that after the 12th, you will no longer fuel rewards, and that you have 15 days to redeem them before they are gone!

Thanks again Becky!

Dearest Utah Readers,

We know how sad you must feel with the news of Albertsons closing 36 stores in Utah. :( Boo hoo!

Reader Becky emailed us with this news:

At Albertsons I was told that fuel rewards will not be valid after the
12th. If you shop at an Albertsons that has a fuel station at it then they
will be valid until the 15th. That is what Associated foods has told
them. Just thought I would pass that along...I'm going to buy gas
today. :)

Let us know if you hear of anything different. I love the fuel rewards program at Albies! So sorry that you all are going to lose it!

Thanks for the heads up Becky!

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Kori said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've been saving up on mine, guess I better use it tomorrow!

Cathy said...

Kori - looks like the signs are showing you will have 15 days after the 12th to use your rewards. You have up until the 12th to earn them. So go do one or two more transactions! :)

Steven & Becky Heumann said...

Sorry, I must not of made it clear...Honestly I'm not 100% sure I understand...I interpreted is as meaning that you will have 15 days to use any FUTURE rewards. I should have take a picture of the sign because I can't remember the exact wording. I would go tomorrow just to be safe.