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Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Albertsons Idea

Here is another deal idea for Albertsons through Saturday! This scenario is using the Spend $30 get $15 off your next order promotion.

Looks like All Detergent is the wanted item today!

What I bought:
4 bottles of All Detergent for $14.00 ($3.50 ea.)
4 bottles of Vaseline Lotion for $10.00 ($2.50 ea.)
2 Dove deoderants for $5.00 ($2.50 ea.)
1 Betty Crocker cake mix for $1.00
Total: $30.00

Coupons I used:
4 $1/1 All Detergent from 8/2 P&G
4 $1.25/1 Vaseline Lotion from 8/2 RP
2 $2/1 Dove Deoderant printables here
3 Doublers from Wednesday's Paper (-$3)

Coupon Total: $16.00
New Total: $14.00

After the $15 Catalina prints, this scenario is a $1 Moneymaker!
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AliSmith13 said...

So did your $15 in cats print on their own with purchasing the All? Or did they have to force it through? Just curious...

AJ said...


They printed with no problem.

AJ said...

Also, the cake mix is one of the bottom items in the ad and I had that in the same transaction with the All. It printed automatically. I was at the 12th Street store in Nampa.

cheryl_hiccups said...

Yes, I also did a lot of All. I specifically bought extra of last Sunday's paper so I could get plenty of the All. I've also done a LOT of transactions with this promo. They all printed perfectly, even my double-dippers. I think all these rumors got started as cashiers tried to guess what might be causing the cats NOT to print. Much more likely the cause is something like a specific variety being left off the promo (perhaps by accident) and the shoppers and cashiers not knowing this. Case in point, the white Ragu is pictured in the ad, but as of yesterday, it won't trigger the cats. If you buy it, they have to force the cat. I think there might be a variety of the klondike bars that got left off, but I haven't gone to double check that yet. It is amazing how helpful it has been to have the UPC list for this promo. HTH!

kimberly said...

Where do you get the UPC for promo's? This would be so helpful.
My friend and I spend a hour between the two of us just checking out, because the cat's wouldn't print on four of the five orders she did. And we didn't know why.

AliSmith13 said...

Hm...darn. It seemed like that was the likely culprit, but I guess it's still a mystery...lol. Thanks for letting us all know. I guess I can go get my All with no worries...:)

cheryl_hiccups said...

Kimberly, The link to the UPC list is in this post: http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/2009/08/hot-printable-coupons.html

The link is at the top of the section of printables for the $30/$15 promo. HTH!

Monica said...

Thanks again everyone for helping each other out! You are all FAB!

Camille said...

I was told by the manager at Albies that corporate left about 100 upcs off the list, and that's why coupons are not printing. There is no limit to the deal, they just may have to force some Catalinas if you buy things like gushers or ragu. It was great! I spent 70 dollars on 350 dollars of stuff! Yay!

The Foster Bunch said...

Hi, I was just reading the comments because today I headed to our Albertson (Idaho Falls) anyways the checker told me because of the doublers it takes your order down below the 30 dollars so you have to make sure your order is more then the thirty dollars. Or the 15 cat will not print. Has anyone else heard that. I did what she said, but what a pain.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Sorry, but that checker does not know what she is talking about! I paid only tax and then 2.20 plus tax and both times got all three $5 catalinas. If I were you I would take all my stuff back and re-purchase using coupons. Actually some stores will just give you the money back for the coupons if you bring your receipt.