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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Albertsons Kraft Scenario Without the Rebate!

The Kraft rebate when you spend $25 has a limit of 1 per household. Here is a way to save on this deal without the rebate. It won't work until tomorrow because you will need doublers and some coupons from tomorrow's Smart Source Insert to do it.

What To Buy:
2 Velveeta Shells'n'Cheese Cups ($2)
1 Box Ritz Crackers ($2.50)
1 Box Wheat Thins Crackers ($2.50)
2 Crackerfuls ($5.00)
2 California Pizza Kitchen Flat Bread Melts ($5.00)
3 10 oz. bottles A1 Steak Sauce ($9.00)
Total: $26.00

Coupons to Use:
2 Velveeta Shells'n'Cheese B1G1 from 8/9 SS (-$1)
B1 Ritz G1 Wheat Thins Free from 5/17 SS (-$2.50)
2 $1/1 Crackerfuls from 7/12 SS (-$2)
2 $1/1 California Pizza Kitchen Product from 5/17 SS (-$2)
3 $2/1 A1 Steak Sauce or Marinade coming tomorrow! 8/16 SS (-$6)
3 Doublers (-$3)
Coupon Total: $16.50

Pay: $9.50
Get a $5 Catalina from Kraft and a $1 Catalina from Velveeta
Total after Catalinas: $3.50

That's an 86% Savings!!

Need more papers so you can use multiple coupons for the same item? See a truly Fabuless deal on papers here.

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Andrea said...

i used coupons tonight for my 2nd try at this. i bought $25 worth of items and my total came to about $16 after coupons, so i used catalinas from previous transactions to pay the balance. the $5 catalina DID NOT print...when we went to customer service to ask, she said that you actually had to SPEND $25 to get it, as in, your total had to be $25 AFTER coupons!!! WHAT?!?! has anyone else had this problem?

AJ said...

I actually haven't tried this yet, but I will let you know how it turns out. Sorry your Catalina didn't print. I have never had a problem with a Catalina printing as long as the pre-coupon total is the required amount.

I know there were some problems with this earlier in the week but thought they had all been fixed. I would say if you plan on using coupons, don't factor the Catalina into your savings. If it does print, all the better!

Sara S. said...

Did I miss the doubles? There weren't any in my paper today!

Cathy said...

They were in mine! Glossy ad, three doubles at the bottom. Right after the Walmart ad in my paper (Idaho Press Tribune)

cheryl_hiccups said...

I was just looking at the scenerio and I see a small math error. The total on the buy section should be $26 (since you're getting 2 Velveeta cups.) And then the toal after cat should be $3.50. Still a good deal, though.

Ann said...

A manager at West Linn Albertson's told me that the $25 had to be after coupons, although I did the Kraft deal earlier that day in the same store using coupons, doubles, and cats (oop .22) and it sailed thru just fine. She said my checker must have done something to force the cat (she didn't, it just worked), and that it was "cheating Kraft" if you got more back than you spent. I suspect she doesn't know what she's talking about, although she told me she was absolutely certain. (I prefer shopping the Lake Oswego A Street Albie's.)

By the way, this scenario happened when I was going for my 2nd Kraft promo, and she told me the reason it didn't work was bc under $25 after coupons. The Big Manager happened to overhear, and very kindly took me to customer service and ran a "phantom" order to get me my cat & rebate form (and a clean receipt w $27.50 in purchases). Then I went home and realized it was MY ERROR! I added wrong, and was under by less than $1. Still debating whether to go back down and make it right - the "phantom" receipt he ran has 11 calif pizza kitchen $2.50 each, which is not what I purchased. I feel weird about the whole thing, but don't feel like I should bother over less than $1.

kimberly said...

I found a great find today, under the kellogg's promo buy 10 items get $10.oo dollars back in a rebate. Well the corn flakes that are a apart of the deal are $1.97 and they have a peelie on the front for $1.00 off any fresh produce when you buy the corn flakes. I bought three boxes of them and each had the peelie, then I doubled then. So I got $6.00 in free produce. At the overland and orchard store they have the corn flakes in the produce area.

AJ said...

Thanks Cheryl, I fixed the math. I hate it when I do that! Even after checking it over and over...thanks again!!