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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Albertsons Doubles 101

"Twice The Value"
(aka: Doublers/Doubles)

What are they?

You can use THREE "Doubles" per transaction. This will allow you to double three of your coupons. The coupons must be $1.00 in value or less.

Where can I find them?

When we have them (and it seems that we get them nearly every week), they will either come out with the Wednesday ad (in the newspaper and TMC), or more commonly, they are in the Sunday paper. Most often in a slick one page advertisement as shown above, but we have also seen them in the actual print section of the newspaper, and one time they were in with the coupon inserts!

You will also be able to go to customer service in your store and request an ad that contains the doublers. 99.9% of the time, they will only give you one ad (which contains three doubles). So if you want to do multiple transactions (the most effective way to build your stockpile), you'll need to make multiple shopping trips. This is why we strongly suggest getting a Newspaper Subscription where you receive multiple copies of the coupons and ads. In just one Sunday, you'll pay for your subscription with the value of all the sets of doubles you'll receive!

Sometimes the doubles come in the Wednesday ad and last the entire week. When this happens, we usually have some readers who have connections to the TMC and willingly share the extra doubles they end up with!

When Can I Use Them?

When they are in the Wednesday paper, they are valid for the entire sale week (Wed-Tues). When they are in the Sunday paper, they are valid for the last three days of the sale (Sun-Tues). Usually, when it is a fab sale, we will do three transactions in a row. We will use one set (a "set"contains 3 doubles) per transaction, and almost always do three transactions in a row! Many of the stores are "cracking down" and not letting you double the coupons that say "Do Not Double". So be aware of this as you are planning your shopping trip. (I'm not going to waste a whole paragraph explaining why I think this is silly, since it is ALBERTSONS that is paying for the value of the "double", not the manufacturer).

What is the best way to use them?
To get the most bang for your buck, double the ones valued at $1.00! But do be aware that there may be times the cashier will adjust the value of the double down. This would be the case if you were to purchase a box of crackers that was on sale for $1.75. If you doubled a $1/1 coupon, you would be "making" $.25 off the product. While you would always have other items that would absorb the cost, many cashiers will just adjust the coupon down to $.75 so you would get the crackers FREE (still not bad!) vs. getting paid to buy the crackers.

Sometimes I'll just get enough items to maximize my doubles. This is when I leave the store paying $2 or less for a number of items.

Other times, I'll use them in conjunction with a promo. When doing this, I'll just make sure I have three "$1.00 off" coupons to double and then I'll plan on my total out of pocket being an additional $3.00 less.
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