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Saturday, August 29, 2009

$10 Mall Gift Card!

  1. Head over to Shop Smart Look Fab (ooo - great minds think alike!) to see if your local mall is participating.
  2. Click the 2nd offer labled "Get a FREE Gift Card Now! Limited Offer!"
  3. Sign up (give your junk email address if you want to)
  4. Head to your mall and go to the "Shop Smart Zone" September 17 - 19 during mall hours to get your $10 mall gift card and start Shopping Smart.
They are going quick so get it today!!

Thanks Marne!

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tandjpirnie said...

You have to spend $75 and take your receipts to the stand to get your $10 card. Only worth it if you are already planning on spending $75! :)

Cathy said...

T and J - ONE of the offers is that... but the second one is NOT. It is a FREE $10 GC with no strings attached!

Meaghan said...

I was able to get the second offer! Woohoo! How long did it take for them to email your voucher to you?

Chad and Becca said...

How do you get the $10 GC without having to spend $75? I only see the $75 offer. Thanks!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Chad & Becca - Maybe it's not showing for you because the limit of 500 may have been reached. For my mall here in Boise there are 32 cards left. You have to click on the number "2" in the box to see the SECOND offer, which is NOT a $75 min purchase.

Meaghan said...

Does anyone know how long it takes for them to email your voucher? Sorry to ask again, just worried I might of done something wrong! Thanks!

amanda said...

My email is not coming through either and I did it this morning and here it is almost 4pm and still not here??

Meaghan said...

Still haven't received my email. Any ideas??

Monica said...


Sorry it is not working for you. I did not do this offer b/c I am still trying to recover from vacation.

Anyone else have an answer for Meaghan?

Cathy said...

That is a bummer! The only thing I can think of is maybe emailing them? I found an email: askthenrgteam@ggp.com

Let us know if you hear anything!

Meaghan said...

Thanks Cathy! Just emailed them. We will see what happens!

Meaghan said...

This is the email I received:

I will be out of the office on jury duty for the next few days. I will respond to your message as soon as possible. Thank you.

Maybe this is why I haven't received the voucher yet! :-)