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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where Do You Donate?

Couponing blesses my family soooooo much. Sometimes I end up with FREE items my family won't use or an excess of items we do use.
What do I do with it?
Hard economic times or not. There are plenty of people in our world that could use a little help with food and toiletries.

We have a Fabuless community of readers here and I know that many of you are out there donating your Fab deals.

So Where Do You Donate?

I am asking for everyone here. Not just our Idaho readers. UT, WA, CA, OR, TX. Wherever you may be. We want to hear from you!

Just specify the state and city so the other readers in your area will know where to go!

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Mari said...

I live in Sioux Falls, SD and I like to give my extra food and toiletries to the local food pantry. I like to give our nice used closed to either the YMCA or the Salvation Army. The week before school starts the Supply Our Students (SOS) program supplies any/all kids who are on medicaid with a free backpack and all supplies needed. I always enjoy helping the SOS program out by buying the free/cheap school supplies in bulk!

Anonymous said...

Just a note, and I am guilty of this as well, but as we buy and get our great deals and stock up our pantry's, to the point of explosion, and have no more room to put our own food, etc. that we buy ... Instead of building more storage for ourselves, Why be selfish??

Please, PLEASE remember others in need. Times are tough. Donate some of your deals to local food banks, I am always hearing of needs from the Boise rescue mission and I know the Nampa Mission (affiliated with Boise Rescue) is in need too. If you have overstock of something, and are blessed, pass it along to a family, a single parent, or a local charity in need. You will be blessed again and again, with more than you can ever imagine. (I am in the process of making a basket for an elderly man my husband met, who is really struggling on low income.) You can help so many with this couponing!! Use it to the fullest.

Love, and Thank You

D M, Boise

Crissie said...

I have only been couponing for a few months (and have a large family), but we've made several food/toiletries/household supply baskets for families that we personally know are in need. We like to give things like bread, pasta salad, peanut butter, mac & cheese, cheap laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, shampoo and TP, cereal, a gallon of milk, etc. Every time, these baskets cost less than $5.00 and are generally overflowing.

Even on a really tight budget (7 people living on unemployment), I've found that couponing allows me to reach out to others in need.

My kids have really enjoyed putting things together in these baskets and taking it to a door, ringing the bell and running.

My criteria for cutting a coupon is "If this item was FREE or $.50, do I know someone who would benefit from the item?". If so, I clip it and wait for it to go on sale so that I can spread the wealth.

I'm hopeful that hard times will end soon and I'll run out of people to drop baskets off for!

Kristi M. said...

A great place to donate is the Ronald McDonald house in your area. Locate their website and find the wish list page. Everything is clearly outlined of things that they need and are looking for. They range from food items, to toiletries to basic household items. Such a great place to give back. A place where a small donation can mean so much to a family that is there away from home because of medical difficulties with a child. The local food bank is also great. I love the days when the postal workers come by to pick up food and I have many things for them to take.

Amber said...

I live in Provo, UT and donate to the Utah Food Bank here. They take food, toiletries, and household items. And let me tell you - that place is busy! There are always so many people there picking up food and other needed items. They are located at:

Provo Food Pantry
815 S. Freedom Blvd. Suite 100
Provo, UT 84601
Phone: (801) 373-8200

I'm actually going there this week to drop off a bunch of things I got for free, but our family doesn't need. We are living on such a tiny income that there aren't a lot of ways that we can reach out and help other people. I am so grateful for couponing (and sites like this :o) that make huge savings possible and allow me to make a difference in others lives without it being a financial burden on our family.

Arin said...

I am not overflowing with food storage but when I get a good deal on something-than I spread the word and share with my friend that I know need it. When I am at a place where I am overly blessed-than I will branch out more. Thanks for the great ideas everyone.

Cathi said...

Hi there... I am in Marietta, GA. and we have a St. Vincent Depaul food bank in our church... I give my overages there. I also give to my neighbor, her husband has been out of work since Oct 2006 and she is the only one working, so, I give to them as well.

But my favorite way to give is to be the mom who will "treat" for the kids that my son plays with. I have so many mommy-friends that have my son over to play alot...we host as well...but I like being able to not only host and feed Kristofer's friends, but when he goes there, I like being able to send him over and offer lunch, snacks, juices and baked goods. Having my boy out of the house is my TREAT! hahaha!

Yori said...

We donate extras to the Meridian Food Bank. I also donate my time there every Monday for a few hours. It feels great to give. I also donate gifts at Christmas time to local nursing homes to the people who get no visitors and no gifts. I simply find one and call up and ask if there are any elderly that don't have visitors and they always give me a list!!

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

A great place to donate extras are GROUP HOMES (living facilities for mentally and/or physically disabled people) ... and also pregnant teen centers/schools. I donated my maternity clothes and some baby items and they were received with open arms. Having a baby is expensive, and just imagine having to take that burden on as a teenager!
My other favorite thing to do is tuck away the ABUNDANCE of stuffed animals that somehow find their way into our home...and then we pick a holiday and load up the kids wagon and pull it through a nursing home or assisted living center and hand out stuffies. You would be surprised how comforting a stuffed animal can be to a lonely person. . . I find myself barely able to swallow because I have a lump in my throat the entire time, if you know what I mean! Great post girls!

Maria said...

the LDS church donates tons of "hygiene" kits to people overseas and disaster victims/less fortunate here in our country. i just sent a ton of tubes of toothpaste, but they also include bar soap, combs, toothbrushes, and towels in the kit. they also do newborn kits and school kits that help out tons of people, just look on lds.org!

Michael N said...

The local Electrical Union hall downtown has a food bank that you can donate to as well . The Electrical Workers are suffering from an unemployment rate of over 33% in the valley right now with no real relief in site . They share the food bank with several other building trades so if you can help these people out the address is 225 North 16th Street here in Boise .