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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I missed SYTYCD last week. :( I have just been sooo busy! So this week when I saw the opening number and I noticed Katliyn was gone I was okay with it. When I noticed that Phillip was gone I was surprised and disapointed.
When I saw tonights routinue with Jeanine and Jason I was kind of like Phillip who? I miss Phillip no one can dance quite like him, but that routine with Jason and Jeanine was awesome.
Props to Travis on his choreography. I did not think he would do so awesome. The routine gave me goose bumps. I never really noticed Jason before, but now I am glad he is in the top ten.

Were you sad to see Phillip go? Do you think it was too soon?

So many talented dancers left. Who's on your hot tamale train?
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Rebekah said...

I was sad about Phillip. I htink he lasted about as long as he could have. Last night's dancing was all fantastic. I'm not sure who's on my train....I really LOVED the opening Bollywood number and the one the guys did was crazy good!!!

Kristen said...

I love that you love SYTYCD! I really like Jeanette. Bummer that you missed last week because Jeanette and Brandon did the BEST jazz routine. I watched it 3 times! I think it's crazy that a salsa dancer can do all those dances almost to perfection.

Monica said...

Rebekah- I was surprised that Phillip lasted as long as he did. I guess I was just surprised b/c the judges kept talking about how well he was doing outside of his style. I will miss his solos!

Kristen- I did catch the jazz number on youtube, it was awesome!