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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

School Supply Shopping THIS WEEK

It's time to stock up on those supplies for the ENTIRE year!! Buying them and stocking up when they are at their LOWEST price means you'll never pay $3-5 for a pack of markers again!

NOW is a great time to purchase your coupon binder if you haven't yet! Costco currently has a coupon out for this FABULESS "Tech Gear" Binder. There is a $3 off coupon, so after the coupon you can get it for $9.99! It is a zipper binder, and inside there is an expandable file folder on the left, and of course, your handy 3 ring binder. Lots of pockets and zippers for holding stuff too! The best part of it is the HANDLE on the outside! SHWEET!

OTHER things I use my stocked up school supplies for:

Markers and Crayons: Great to use for gifts, or to have to whip out a fresh pack in the winter when your kids are bored!

Notepads: My (younger) kids have their own color and they go to in the church bag for freestyle coloring to help them be reverent at church.

PENS: Seems like I'm always low on pens! It's nice to have extra packages to pull a few from when I'm having trouble finding a handy pen!

If you're out shopping and you see a FAB price on school supplies somewhere, be sure to leave a comment! And through the next several weeks, if you're ever wondering who's got the best prices on what, just click on our cute little button in the sidebar and find the most recent post!


STUFF THIS WEEK (best price of the week is in *RED*):
note: sometimes it's the "off brand" that is cheapest... I'll mark that with a red star. A BLUE STAR is the best price of the name brand.

(Thanks Crissie for this fab tip) If you purchase $50 in apparal at Kmart, you'll receive a coupon for an additional 15% off your school supply purchase.
Elmer’s Glue: $.20
Fashion portfolios: $.50
Marble Composition books (100 sheets): $.50
Rose Art colored pencils 12-pk.: $.25
Bic 10 count pens or corrective pencil: $.99
.50 Items:
Glue sticks (2 pack)
Bic pens 10 count
Composition book (limit 6)
Fashion portfolios
Papermate mechanical pencils - limit 4
Soho school box - limit 4
Single pack erasers
Mead filler paper 150 count - limit 6
crayola 10 count markers (limit 2) $.99
fiskars 5″ kids scissors (limit 4) $.99

STAPLES: (You can get a free backpack as a Staples Rewards member (free to join). Staples cash rewards are mailed out quarterly, so you’ll see the full price paid for the backpack in your next Staples Rewards cash-back payment.)
A BUNCH of FREE after Rebate Deals (You can do these rebates online FYI)
Pentel Handy Lines Assorted Highlighters (4 pk): $4.99
Staples Slim-Line Pencil Sharpener: $15.99
Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils (10 pk): $2.99
Zebra Sarasa Retractable Gel Pens (5 pk): $4.99

$1.00 (limit 2)
Pentel Pens - 5 pack
Accel College Ruled Notebook
3-pack Mini Legal Pads
Hole Punch
Expo Markers (3 pack)

$2 (limit 2)
Pilot Gel Pens 3 pack
Mechanical Pencils - 12 pack
Sticky Notes
Dry Erase Board (8.5 x 11)
Eraser and Grip combo pack


Composition Books $.50
Construction Paper (96 sheets) $.88
Crayola Colored Pencils (12 pack) $.88
Elmers Glue Sticks (2-pack) $.20
Pencil Sharpener $.20
Pink Erasers (2-pack) $.20
Ruler $.20

WALGREENS: (use your RR's from last weeks Huggies/Coppertone deal!)
Bic highlighters (8 ct?) $.49
book cover $.99
Crayola color pencils 12 pk $.99
Crayons $.49
Folder (two pocket) $.09
Highlighter (one) $.09
paperclips $.19
Papermate mechanical pencils 5 ct $.19
Papermate pens 10 pk $.19
Papermate prism pens 10 pk $.19

Pencil $.09
Pencil box $.49
Pencil sharpener $.59
Pencil top erasers 12 pk $.29
Pink eraser 2 pk $.29
Ruler $.19
Scotch mailers $.59
spiral notebook 120 pg 3 subject $.99
Transparent Scotch Tape $.39
White glue $.39 (will be .25 at Staples next week)
Wooden pencils 10 pk $.29

(Thanks Karrie!) - prices NOT confirmed in our area... let me know if you see a change that needs to be made!
24 pack crayons: $.25 (Amy confirmed this one last week)
2-pack Elmer Glue Sticks: $.25
70-sheet notebook: $.15
2 pocket folders: $.15
Black & White Composition Notebooks: $.35
Crazart Washable Markers: $.70
Kids Scissors: $.74
Crazart colored pencils: $.75
Crayola Washable Markers (8-pk): $.75 (the 10 packs are NOT washable - LOVE this price!!)
Crayola Colored Pencils (12-pk): $1
RoseArt Paint (8-pk): $1
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Julee said...

Thanks for the great list! I went to Target yesterday and they also had: 24ct Pencils - $.92
4oz Elmers glue - $.30
Kids Scissors - $.74
24ct Crayola crayons $.27 (Roseart ones were $.22 I think)
12 ct PaperMate pens - $.50

richelle said...

Fred Meyer has great coupon binders BOGO so for $15.99 you can get two and they also have the strap so if you can find someone to go in on it, it's only $8 each.

AliSmith13 said...

I was just at Walmart today (in Nampa) and the few different items I checked, did not have these advertised prices. The Crayola 8ct washables were $2.50! The Elmer's 2pk glue sticks were $.30 and the cheapest notebooks I could find were $.25. :( So...I wound up not buying anything...except a new coupon binder for $11! :)

AliSmith13 said...

Are the one's at Fred's cute? Lol. (Yes I'm being superficial about how my coupon binder looks.) :) I am just curious, because at that price, I'll totally take this one back and go to Freddie's! Hmm...

cheryl_hiccups said...

Shopko put out an ad for Thursday thru Saturday and it has a few more good deals in it. (20 cents for Elmer's 4oz glue and 24 ct crayolas...) The item that I'm most interested in is the crayola 8ct washable watercolors for 99 cents. That's the first sale price I've seen on the watercolors. I'll be done with their school lists after that :D

cheryl_hiccups said...

So, I went to Shopko and got my 99 watercolors (limit 2) and they also had the 8ct washable crayola markers for $1.29 (limit 2) which is the best price I've seen this year. Happy shopping :) I'm done with our lists and will just be shopping for my stockpile and to donate after this. Yay!