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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Save on Post Cereal at Albertsons!

Cathy's favorite cereal is HBO! Honey Bunches of Oats
We got 3 coupons that you can use for Post Cereal in today's Smart Source.

Buy 4 boxes of cereal
Use 2 $1/2 coupons
Plus 2 Albertson's Double coupons
PAIR that with the Catalina we told you about here.

Post Honey Bunches of Oats
Between 7/17-8/9
Buy 3 get $2 OYNSO
Buy 4 get $3 OYNSO
Buy 5 or more get $5 OYNSO

Save $7 on cereal wyb 4!

I have seen some stores closing the HBO out for $2 a box.
That would mean $1 for 4 boxes or .25 each!

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Jeneen said...

I looked at the Eagle Albertsons and HBO was over $5 per box. Where did you see it for $2? At $5.49 , I would need a lot more than $1/box off to make it a good deal.

Monica said...

Jeneen- At O&5 they had it priced at $2. I saw this last week.
I have also seen it at that price at the Cole/Fairview store, but that was several weeks ago.

Carol said...

What does OYNSO stand for? I didn't see it in your lingo section, and I'm not smart enough to figure it out!

Lady Thought said...

OYNSO means 'on your next store order.' It's good like cash (except for dairy, prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, and gas - those are restricted by law) and you can use it on your next TRANSACTION in most stores. So, do 1 transaction, get your Catalina (the name of the company that does the coupons) and then use it on another transaction, where you can use more doublers!

Monica said...

Thanks Carol I will add that to the Lingo page. I did not realize it was not there.

Sarah said...

Where are you finding the coupons for this cereal?

Sarah said...

Where are you finding the coupons for this cereal?

Cathy said...

7/26 Smart Source

julie said...

Our local albersons is having a buy 4 kellogs cereal for $10 get 2 gallons of milk free. Bought 8boxes of cereal used 7/$1 off 1 and one free box coupon(vocalpoint). Paid 10.50 then submitted with receipt and proofs for $10 back-to-school rebate. 8 boxes of cereal ad 4 gallons of milk For 50 cents.

Monica said...

Julie- That is sweet!

Hey everyone. I checked several stores today and they had the HBO for $4.29, no longer $2. Not a great buy.
One of the grocery manager told me to hold the coupons b/c they are having a sale in a few weeks that should make the cereal like .50 a box. I am guessing it will be the 8/5-8/11 sale.
So save those coupons for an upcoming sale!

Karilyn said...

My Albies (in OR) has a whole bunch of HBO choc. flavor on clearance for $2. I've been eyeing them the last few times I went. Now I can finally help clear off that clearance shelf. ;)

Monica said...

Karilyn- I am so glad you were able to find some for $2! Yea!
Thanks for letting me know. I was feeling bad b/c readers have not been able to find it at $2!