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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My doubler deals!

First, a bit of info about these items. I had a few coupons I received in the mail after signing up for promos we told you about awhile ago. So some of these scenarios will not work using IP or insert coupons. Also, I went to 2 different Alberstons and did this in 6 transactions.

Transaction #1:
2 cans of Pepperidge Farms Petite Pirouettes=$4.00
2 $1/1 Pepperidge Farm Petite Twists Pastries Or Petite Pirouette SS-6/14= -$2.00
2 doublers= -$2.00
Grand total=FREE!

Transaction #2 and #3: Repeat Transaction #1 (What's that you say? There are only 5 cans, not six, in the picture. Not to worry, the contents of the 6th are resting safely in my belly!).
Grand total= Still FREE!

Transaction #4:
8 Boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese=$8.00
2 Boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios=$4.98
2 Buy 3 get 1 FREE Kraft Mac and Cheese or RP-6/28= -$2.00
2 $1/1 Honey Nut Cheerios = -$2.00
2 doublers= -$2.00
1 Epic Savings= -$5.00
Grand total=$1.98 OOP
But then a $2.00 cat prints out making this a .02 money maker! Not too shabby!
(Note: some cashiers will only take off .50 for the free boxes of mac and cheese because of the Epic Savings deal. But others give you the full $1. Either way, it is still a great deal!)

Transaction #5:
2 Chinet Cut Crystal Cups=$4.58 ($2.29 a piece)
2 $1/1 Chinet Cut Crystal Plates Or Cups SS-6/28= -$2.00
2 doublers= -$2.00
Grand total= $.58

Transaction #6:
I paid $1 for both bags of Alexia snacks and the 2 Velveeta cups after coupons I received in the mail and doublers.

Grand total for everything you see (if you factor in the $2 cat from the mac and cheese) = $1.56!!!


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Monica said...

Thanks Amber this is fab.

Meridian Mama said...

These sure are fabuless deals! Which local Albies do you shop at that they double your DND coupons? I shop at Ten Mile & Cherry and they are pretty strict about not doubling the DND's...

The Frasiers said...

This ia amazing! I so need to get on the ball! Thanks for the BD.

Stephanie said...

I so need to do more couponning (if that wasn't a word before, it is now). I need a class. So, stores every once in a while have dbl coupon days. On those days, they'll double EVERY coupon, or just their own? We have a store here that does triple coupon days, too. I just need to know how it all works. I print manufactures coupons all the time and use those, but I have never made a deal like this! Way to go!!!

Monica said...

Stephanie- You can double manufactures coupons on double days. Our store Albertsons puts out there own little coupons that you can pair with manufacture coupons in order to keep a limit on doubling.
At kmart you do not need anything but your coupon and they will match the discount value at the register.
So it will depend on your store.
The way to save like we do it to couple a sale, with a coupon and then double your coupon.
We do not use our coupons until the the item goes on sale, unless they are about to expire and we really need the item.