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Monday, July 20, 2009

Milk Yogurt and Cheese coupons RESET!

Love these coupons - matched with doublers and a sale, you get some cheap milk, yogurt, and cheese (ANY BRAND!)

Head on over to coupons.com and get yours!

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Crissie said...

My all-time favorite coupon!!!! Gotta love cheap milk and cheese! Thanks for the heads up!


Monica said...

Thank you,thank you, thank you! NOw I can go get some cheap milk with my doubles in the morning. Just ran out. Oh Cathy unless you want to make a run tonight. Could be fun?

FYI- When I went ot coupons.com I could not find the milk, chesse yogurt coupons. Then I entered 83704 in the zip code box and they appeared on the first page!

Cathy said...

Monny - it is confirmed that I am OUT of MILK! My polkadot PJ's are on... but I'll go with you if you want to!

Monica said...

I'll get my polka dots on too and pick you up in a few!

Cathy said...

My coupons are clipped and my flops are on.

Just waiting on you so we can make the run.

Oh boy. It's late.

BTW - if my Albies preview post is super duper late, this is ONE reason!

Tricia said...

Funny girls - I just got back from Albies for milk and winco for cheese. Too bad I'm so far across town or I'd have joined you in polka dots!

Winco's cheese is $3.98 for 2 lbs, so with the coupon it's only $2.98. They had monterrey jack, sharp cheddar, colby, mozzarella, and I didn't see it but probably reg cheddar too. I think their cheese is yummy!

Monica said...

We wish you could have been there too! It was REAL!
When we left the cute checker girl said, "good bye my fabuless ladies." It was funny!

Monica said...

FYI- The milk at Albies is $1.99 for whole, 2%, 1% skim. With .75coupon and double it is only .49! Wahoo!

Crissie said...

WOOHOOO! Making a milk run today! Next time though, you two had better swing by and pick me up. We could eat homemade ice cream in our jammies on our way to Albie's. Now does THAT sound like fun or what???

AliSmith13 said...

You gals are too funny! Lol. Can you believe that I'm actually up to ears in milk?? My family usually drinks so much milk, but I guess for some reason we've been slacking or something...I still have two whole gallons and a half empty gallon in the fridge, a cat for FREE milk that expires on the 23rd, and now with these coupons that expire 8/4, and the promo with the $2 off milk for the pop-tarts...MAN...what am I to do? I still have yet to try freezing milk...I guess this might have to be the time to suck it up and give it a whirl...I've heard good and bad feedback about freezing milk...what is your take on it?

Cathy said...

Ali - that is so funny that you ask about freezing milk. We were just talking about it at our class tonight!

I myself have never done it, because we drink a gallon a day at our home! But I know my sisters mother in law does it all the time and doesn't have any probs with it. I hear you'll have to take a little out to allow for expansion... otherwise, go for it and let us know! :)

AliSmith13 said...

Alright...I guess I'll just have to take the leap! Lol. I'll never know til I try, right? I'll let ya know...:)