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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The EPIC Starkist Tuna Deal at Albertsons

The Tuna Deal Lives On!!!

The deal will continue for another week! You need to take advantage of this deal!! We've run into people at the store who haven't quite figured out the whole tuna deal and why it is so FAB!


Here is the big deal:

Starkist Pouch Tuna. It is about half of what is in a can. But it is in a pouch. It is GREAT to take "on the go" vs. a can of tuna. Some may consider it a single serving! I have 6 kidlets, so normally this is not the economical way to go.

It is if it is an EPIC TUNA DEAL though!

What makes this so FAB? You are essentially taking advantage of THREE offers, all rolled into one to get your pouch of tuna for FIVE CENTS!!!!!!


Tuna is on sale for $1.25. I'm sure at this point you can find it cheaper at Winco. BUT when you purchase 10 of these pouches, the price is knocked down to .75 each. Not too bad, but not screamin either.


There are $1.50 off of THREE coupons in the store. You will want to ask customer service or a manager if they have any. They aren't just sitting them out.


There is a catalina deal going until July 14th. Every time you purchase 5 of these Starkist Tuna, a cute little CATALINA will print out for $1 off your next order. MORE SAVINGS, right?!

What does this mean?
$1.25 Tuna pouch
- .50 (automatically discounted WYB 10)
- .50 (ONLY if you use coupon found in stores)
- .20 (from the CATALINA that prints out after the items are scanned WYB 5)
$.05 TOTAL

Of course, we can't get this deal if we buy only one... so let's look at the big numbers.

Let's say you only want to purchase 10 pouches.
$12.50 for 10 pouches
- $5.00 (discount WYB 10)
- $4.50 (using three coupons - each is $1.50/3)
- $2.00 (catalina)
$1.00 TOTAL (actually comes to .10/pouch because the coupons only covered 9 of the pouches).

So let's see what happens if we purchase 30 pouches!
$37.50 for 30 pouches
- $15.00 (remember there is a $5 discount for every 10 you buy)
- $15.00 (using TEN coupons at $1.50/3)
- $6.00 (catalinas)
$1.50 TOTAL (.05 per pouch!!)

Remember that you WILL have to pay TAX on the pre-COUPON discount, so you're total would be more like $2.85 per 30 pouches.

At the stores I have done this deal at, they have been using the catalinas that print IN THE SAME transaction. Your store may vary with this, so be aware. It makes it nicer, because I didn't feel a need to separate my transactions.

5&O will have them out first thing this morning! I'm not 100% positive on the coupons though!

NOW is a good time to put in a "special order" all the tuna you want and consider purchasing some Starkist Tuna Coupons on eBay if your store isn't going to have any more.


Did you see the expiration date?? We've got nearly 3 years to consume it!!

I always mix in some mayo with my tuna. Gee, I got that on sale a few weeks ago for like .33 a jar!! I like grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches (enter in some FREE bread) with some lemon pepper seasoning. They are FAB with fresh tomato slices too! I also throw some in my mac and cheese - adds some protein to the pasta and the kids like it! Yummy on Ritz Crackers too! What do ya know, I'm stocked up on ALL THAT STUFF!!


Carolee said...

Way to go, Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kimberly said...

I love the break down you did on the tuna, it really helps to see it all numbers.

kimberly said...

they have tuna and coupons at five mile and overland, the coupons are by the pharmacy on a display.

cheryl_hiccups said...

Someone emailed me looking for Tuna coupons and I hadn't replied yet... now my laptop is gonna go back to have some warranty work done and I don't have feasible access to that email anymore. I just wanted to say I'm not ignoring anyone on purpose. I am ALL OUT of the tuna coupons. I hope this comment catches their attention!


Autumn said...

If you're using coupons on top of the EPIC sale, make sure you DO NOT present your coupons until AFTER the $5 EPIC discount shows up. Otherwise, it will not show up if the coupons are scanned in first. I found this out the hard way...

Monica said...

Thanks Autumn, that is great advice.