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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Albertsons Double Ideas

If you are new to this coupon business and don't have many past inserts... then this post is for you!

Right now there are two Albertsons Double coupons found in today's paper. If you don't get the paper, you can purchase one, or go to customer service and ask for today's flyer.

You can do up to three separate transactions per trip. So if you have 3 sets up doubles, you'll be able to "double" six of your coupons.

Here are some that'll get you the most bang for your buck (and remember you can print each coupon TWICE per computer).

Sobe Life Water $1.00
DOUBLE $.50/1

Dannon Light & Fit yogurt 6 oz. $.39
DOUBLE .75/4

Kellogg's Special K Blueberry 2/$5.19
FINAL PRICE: 2/$1.19

Sun Chips $2.79
DOUBLE $1.00/2
FINAL PRICE: $1.79 each (you'll have to get two)

Dial liquid hand soap
7.5-11.25 oz. or bar soap 3 pack $1.25
DOUBLE $.55/1

- Purchase 10 participating items, receive $5 instant savings.

Some things to consider when combining the Epic promo AND Doubles... (Deal scenario alert!!)
  • Since you'll only be able to use TWO doubles, you really only need to worry about doubling the coupons that are valued at $1.00. You will essentially get an extra $2 off your batch of 10 items.
  • If you're trying to find more items to get to your 10, because you're determined to save that extra .50 per item, consider just getting the items you NEED (and bag the Epic Savings Promo) and doubling just those coupons.
  • Or consider using cheap items for your "filler". Actually the Kraft Mac N Cheese would be great. Comes to .$50 after promo, and if you purchase 6, you'll get a $2 catalina at the end of the transaction! If you purchase EIGHT boxes- you could use two of these B3G1 Free coupon (also found in 6/28 SS) - you'll save another $1 if you use two of these coupons.
  • For example, I purchased Capri Sun coupons on eBay good for $1/1. I have 10 coupons. But I can only double 2 per transaction. I could purchase Capri Suns two at a time, and use doublers and get them for FREE. ($2.00 sale price less $1.00/1 coupon, less $1.00 using doubler). Of course, I'll have to do 5 separate transactions (I could do this on different days, different stores, or go out to my car and come back in).
  • OR I could get my two boxes of Capril Sun ($1.50 each AFTER promo savings), and then grab 8 boxes of Mac N Cheese. This will get me to my 10 items, and my cost BEFORE Epic Promo is $12.00 - Take off the $5 instant savings, I'll be at $7.00. Then I'll double my two $1/1 Capri Sun coupons and my total will be at $3. Then I'll use two Buy 3 get 1 FREE coupons (which will take another $1.00 off). My total will be $2.00 (plus tax). Since I purchased 6 or more boxes of Mac N Cheese, I'll also receive a $2 catalina! Sweetness!
So look at the Epic Promo on the Grocery Smarts/PYP Printable Shopping list (see the link for your state below) - pick out the items you need and find a way to spend the least out of pocket (Mac N Cheese filler baby!) and use your two doublers.

REDBOX PROMO - A few DEAL Scenarios: (see Monica's Current Albertons Catalinas post for details on this deal)

Grab 4 Betty Crocker Gushers $8.00
DOUBLE 2 $.50/2 here or here
RECEIVE: $2.50 catalina AND 1 redbox rental code

Grab 4 Yoplait Gogurts $8.00
DOUBLE 2 $.80/2
USE: $2.50 catalina you just got
RECEIVE: another redbox rental code

You can also check out our Albertsons July 8 preview post on some other good coupons to use.

Here are your Albertsons printable shopping lists - Thanks PYP!


If you have no idea what this PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST IS, then you MUST go see our pictorial about using this FABULESS tool!

Find something FAB?
Leave it in the comments!!

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kimberly said...

i can't find the dannon yogurt coupon are they all gone?

Cathy said...

Sorry Kimberly - I should have clarified. It is the .75/4 ANY Brand Yogurt (use zip code 83642).

cheryl_hiccups said...

The Pepperidge Farm petite twists and petite pirouette cookies in the tins are on for $2 and there were $1/1 coupons a few weeks ago, so with doublers they are free.

Anonymous said...

Just a note, and I am guilty of this as well, but as we buy and get our great deals and stock up our pantry's, to the point of explosion, and have no more room to put our own food, etc. that we buy ... Instead of building more storage for ourselves, Why be selfish??

Please, PLEASE remember others in need. Times are tough. Donate some of your deals to local food banks, I am always hearing of needs from the Boise rescue mission and I know the Nampa Mission (affiliated with Boise Rescue) is in need too. If you have overstock of something, and are blessed, pass it along to a family, a single parent, or a local charity in need. You will be blessed again and again, with more than you can ever imagine. (I am in the process of making a basket for an elderly man my husband met, who is really struggling on low income.) You can help so many with this couponing!! Use it to the fullest.

Love, and Thank You

D M, Boise