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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Albertsons 7/22-7/28

Here are your Albertsons printable shopping lists - Thanks PYP!


If you have no idea what this PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST IS, then you MUST go see our pictorial about using this FABULESS tool!

Be sure to read my preview post with a list of coupons to collect and how the promos are working.

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From the beehive said...

I was just at Albies and their 8 oz. cheese was ringing up at 3.99. Help me with my math because I can't get that to end up being 6.98for 8! I get that you buy 8 (paying for 4 - gettting 4 for free) and using 2 coupons (you can only use 2 right because it's $1 off 2 lbs?). I still get it to be $13.96 for 8. What am I doing wrong?

Kristi M. said...

The previous poster is right. Mine rang up the exact same. The problem is that you are somehow only accounting for 2lbs at that price and not the four total. I even had the checker make sure that it was taking off the BOGO because I thought my math was wrong.

Cathyb said...

The previous posters are right. It is actually 6.98 for 2 lbs of cheese. If they come out with doublers it would be 5.98. Neither is such a great price. I would save the coupon for a better deal. They have done better cheese deals lately, so i would risk waiting another week to see if a better deal comes along. (Last week they had their 8 oz. shredded cheese bags at $1 each. So 2 lb = $4, less coupon = $3, less doubler = $2. The week before that they had a similar deal with Tillamook cheese. I know these deals are over, but it gives you an idea of what to wait for.)

Cathy said...

You ladies are RIGHT! I need to do some investigating. I pulled this info from the shopping list, which is STILL showing:

Albertsons Chunk Cheese, 8 oz. B1G1 FREE Cheese, any made in USA brand, 2lbs or more, brick, cube, or shred, $1 off (7-15-2009) GroupA-7/1
(Must buy TWO lbs. or more. Buy 8 pkgs. Coupon applies to the first 4, then get 4 more free) 8/$6.98

I'll check on the forums and see what I can find. In the mean time, I've DELETED all that stuff. PLUS I think the Dr Pepper deal is even HOTTER than what I thought! I'll do ANOTHER correct post.

Thanks fab friends!

Monica said...

I see what is going on now. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE FREAKING out about the cheese price. I have never seen PYP be wrong?