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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Albertsons 7/1-7/7

Here are your Albertsons printable shopping lists - Thanks PYP!


If you have no idea what this PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST IS, then you MUST go see our pictorial about using this FABULESS tool!

UPDATE: eBay has $.75/1 Skippy Peanut Butter Coupons! Time to stock up on PB - you'll them for .24 each when you combine this MC with the in-store coupon!

The Tuna Deal lives on!! I was at Albies 5&O (Five Mile and Overland) tonight and they were bringing out the tuna! I picked up my 60 pouches that I "special ordered" last Friday. So if you want it, grab it now!! You can read all about how this Starkist tuna deal is working.

You'll also want to check out Monica's post for some printables and coupons to use.

Keep in mind that we WILL see some DOUBLERS in the SUNDAY PAPER (may be a good time to get your Idaho Press Tribune Paper deal going!! Call in today so you'll get Sunday's paper!), so even though you might not use them til Sunday or Monday, you'll still want to print and order some.

Coupons.com will be changing their coupon stock over the next few days, so we'll let you know if we find some good ones out there to use at this sale!

Wanting to stock up on Capri Sun's or Breyers Ice Cream, but not sure how to use eBay to maximize your savings? Here is a post all about eBay.

HOT TIP: Keep an eye out for a $1 off Oreo peelie when you buy milk.
We spotted these last night! Thanks to Kearna!

Here is the best scenario.......
Buy 1 package of Oreo's $1.88 w/ in store coupon
and 1 gallon of Milk $1.67 for generic
Use $1 off Oreo peelie
Use .75 off any milk coupon here
Get Milk and Oreo's for $1.80 total! I foresee Oreo shakes with the cheap Breyers this week!
Kinda like buy milk get free Oreo's.

PS We spotted these peelies on the Oreo's at the O/5 store. Leave a comment if you find them some where and share the love!


Anonymous said...

So last night I went shopping with a friend at the Meridian Albertson's and we got in line with our three transactions and the guy that rang us up was like "are all of these yours?" I said yeah and he said "I am going to just do all of them together so you won't be here all night." It was awesome! He did all the doublers and coupons in one transaction. And we still had six left! So we just grabbed everything else we need and he did them all in one again! So if your ever in that store look for Alex! He is FAB!!!

kimberly said...

5mile and overland has tuna COUPONS and tuna as of 6:15pm tonight. But the tuna coupons are by the PHARMACY on a little cardboard display by the other items like the skippy peanut butter. They had three large stacks of coupons, Then go to the tuna isle for the tuna, they had a decent amount there. I asked the cashier first if I could do 30 tuna's in one transaction and he let me use the catalina's that print out, to on the first transaction. But ask the cashier first. Beware the older lady with dark hair is working tonight so avoid her, she's just grumping.

Cheryl said...

Has anyone seen the Albies Sunday ad? I want to be sure doublers are really coming! I have time to go shopping tomorrow, but if there are doublers my stuff will be free not almost free. I asked the store director today and he said that he has heard there is no doubles on Sunday? (thanks for the tip to call in and order your tuna)

Cathy said...

Cheryl -

Reader Amy, whose father is the grocery manager at one of the Nampa Albies, sometimes gets the ads early from him. In her comment on this post:

She said she had one in her hot little hand and that there were doubles for Sun, Mon & Tues.

Anonymous said...

It's true! I have the ad...I wouldn't steer my fab friends wrong! :)

Cheryl said...

ok! Thanks so much, I talked to the Store Director and Manager of odering at my Albies in Oregon and they said NO doubles?
Thanks so much!