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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your FAB Support

At our last couple of classes we have had readers say, You guys give us all of this Fabuless info and save us so much money is there anything we can do to support your website?

Well as a matter of fact there is.....

1. When you print your coupons.com coupons print them from our coupon bar, or click on our coupon bar to go and print them at coupons.com. We earn a few pennies per print.

2. When you click on our new redplum.com coupon link, we get a little change when you do that too!

3. When you buy those Fabuless restaurant.com certificates click on this banner on our site or another link on our site. Then when you purchase we will get a small kick back.

4. Some of the freebie offers that we offer help support our site, but not all of them. We look at hundreds of offers each week, but we only pass the best ones on to you. Things that we would do. Some support and some don't. Our main goal is to pass on worthwhile savings to our readers. We are very careful about what we write about.

5. When you subscribe to the Fabuless paper deal be sure to mention Fabulessly Frugal and we will get a little kick back.

6. Tell your friends and family and about the Fabuless deals you find here!

We'll be the first to admit that we aren't rolling in the dough because of this blog - BUT WE DON'T DO THIS FOR THE MONEY EARNED... WE DO THIS because we are saving a LOT of money! And it only seems right that we pass this info to bless the lives of others! We did not start this blog as a business and we never expected it to get as popular as it has. Right now this is our *FUN* - our HOBBY you could say! :) It's what we do when we have (and don't have) free time! It is cool that we have found out how to get a few pennies here and there for posting things we would have posted anyway. So if you appreciate what we are doing for you, show us the love -and come to our site to print coupons, save money on dining, and find some FAB free offers!

{{hugs}} to you our FAB readers!!


Kristi M. said...

I have to give a short 20 minute mini class at a church function in a couple of months. Would it be okay if I used some of your information in handouts, etc when presenting. Of course credit would be given and I am sure that it would bring more traffic to your site. Please let me know at jkmiller2002@yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for letting us know how we can "pay" you for all your hard work!! I appreciate it so much!