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Monday, June 22, 2009

Where to get the Doubles

So reader Julee posed the question...
Can you recommend a good place to get extra copies of Wed's paper?
Why Julee, YES WE CAN!

If you get a daily subscription to The Idaho Press Tribune, or The Idaho Statesman, you'll find one set in there, of course. (Be sure to check out those links for some great newspaper deals!)

When you go to the store, you can go to customer service and they will give you ONE (at least all the stores I've ever been too only hand out one).

You could also purchase a Wednesday paper. I know from past experience it was $.75 at Fred Meyers. So I'm sure it will be less than $1 at Albertsons.

ALSO - Thanks to our Fab Reader Crissie... she shared this info with us last time we posted about finding doublers.

The Statesman delivers a "Total Market Coverage" paper on Wednesdays to all Boise and Meridian non-subscribers. If you haven't seen them in your area, call the Statesman and tell them that TMCs aren't being delivered in your neighborhood. The carriers are paid to get them out to non-subscribers and we haven't seen them in our subdivision for a few months.

However, my in-laws have done TMC delivery for years and even after all of their papers are delivered, they average about 100 leftover, so obviously I am more than stocked up on Wednesday's Albertson's ad and up to my ears in Doublers. I try to spread the wealth around to my fellow couponers.

Most people consider these papers a nuisance, since they didn't ask for them and they should be really easy to collect from your neighbors as long as they're being delivered in your area. If not, give Greg White at the Statesman a call. (Not sure if this is the right number for Greg White, but it is the circulation desk #: 377-6370)
SOOOO. Did you catch what she said?

She will SHARE her excess doublers!

She is currently in a contest. If she can be one of the top 20 traffic drivers for the Madsen Bike site, she'll possibly win a new bike! (She's going back to school in the fall (shes a mother of 5... brave woman!) and could REALLY use this bike!). If you could go to her site and click on the cute picture of the bike 5, 10, or even 20 times (or more if your heart so desires!) to show her some LOVE, she'd be forever grateful! (I know I am very grateful for her willingness to share her doubles!).

THEN email her at Thefieldsfab5@aol.com (after you've worked your little clicker finger!), let her know how many of these TMC's you'd like and she'll write your name on them and leave them by her front door. She lives in the Eagle/Victory area (she'll even give you her address).

So there - I've given you 4 different ways to collect some Double Coupon sets! And just one assignment to help a FELLOW FAB reader out too!

Have fun.
Be nice.
Don't hoard.


Julee said...

Awesome!!! Thank you so much!

Miss Anna B said...

I am so hoping Crissie wins the contest. She is as NICE as pie. I wish I could know her in person :)

Happy doubling everyone!!!!


Crissie said...

Awwww - thanks Cathy and thanks Anna! What a nice thing to say!!!

I am compiling a list of all of my coupon-cousins and I'll send out a mass email to let everyone know that Scott has them in his hot little hands and that they're out on my porch. The neighbors already think we're nuts (are they that family with all those kids???), so they'll probably won't even notice the parade of girls heading to my front door! It will be so fun. :) I'll be laughing about this one for weeks.

I'm pretty sure the little old lady neighbor down the street lives to call the police on anything suspicious, so make sure to come during daylight hours or you might inadvertantly find the Meridian PD searching your car.


Carol said...


I just wanted to thank you for being so generous with your doublers. I picked mine up today and I appreciate it. Thanks again!!! :) :) :)

Amber said...


Thanks so much for doing this. YOU ARE AWESOME! We have such a great bunch of courteous and FAB couponers on here!

Meghan said...

I'm not in y'alls area, but I clicked on the bike like 15 times. Hope it helps!