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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Using Multiple Sets of Albertsons Doublers

Our reader Brandy had a great question that I figured I could answer for everyone!

Q: I'm wondering how you check out with more than one set of double-off coupons? Do you visit separate Albertson's, go on various days - or are the checkers just nice enough to let you have a gazillion transactions in a row? Any tricks as to time of day/week to shop? Thanks!
Here is my ANSWER!

Here is what I did today:
- Received one set of 3 doublers on my doorstep because I get the daily paper.
- Called my hubby this morning while he was at Freds and asked him to purchase a paper (.75)
- Stopped at my sisters house and grabbed her doublers. She STILL isn't doing this!
- Then I went to my chiro appointment out in Meridian and afterwords hopped over to the Meridian/Fairview store.
- Went straight to customer service and asked for todays ad (which had 3 doublers on it). So at this point I had four sets of doublers.
- Shopped, pulled my hair out a bit (because I hadn't planned at home), and ended up doing 2 separate transactions, and used two of my sets of doublers. The cashier had no problem with this. They are SUPER NICE at this store!
- My other sister was just a few miles away at the 10 Mile/Cherry Lane Albies so I went over there to help her. First thing I did was get another ad from that store's customer service. Did just one transaction this time (they are nice here too). After this shopping trip, I still had two sets of doublers.
- Tonight after kiddos were tucked in bed, I went to my local Albies (5&O), purchased another paper (.70 here), and also asked for copy of the days ad. I just gained two more sets.
- did two separate transactions, using two sets of doublers. (Again, the young man was very nice and had no problem doing two transactions). And now here I am, and I have two more sets right beside me.

So basically, every time I go into a store, I will go to customer service and they will gladly give me ONE ad.

These shopping trips are fun for me, and I only purchase a little at a time. I've never EVER gone to three separate stores before, but today it worked out just fine, since I was out in Meridian anyway. At two of the stores I did two separate transactions and they didn't have a problem with it at all. Just be aware that some cashiers DO have a prob doing multiple trans with the doublers. If this is the case, either go to another store, or take your bags out to your car and come back in. I would ask cust service before you do your shopping, so you know what to expect.

I think 9-11 in the morning is a good time, and then in the evenings after 7 or 8:00. Today I went at about 11:15 and things were nice at the first store. At the second store, things were a little more busy (it was noonish about this time). Tonight I went at 10:15 and the place was dead. When I left about 30 minutes later, there was only two other cars in the parking lot.

Just remember that these coupons are good all week long. You can do a little here and a little there when you don't have to mess with kidlets. Some people go the first day and take a stack of the ads so there is nothing left for the rest of us! That is rude and inconsiderate! I think most stores in our area have wised up and have put the one's with the doublers BEHIND the customer service counter - and only give out one at a time.

Hope I answered your FABULESS question Brandy! Please comment if you have other Q's or anything else to add!


Crissie said...

I have another source for Doublers... The Statesman delivers a "Total Market Coverage" paper on Wednesdays to all Boise and Meridian non-subscribers. If you haven't seen them in your area, call the Statesman and tell them that TMCs aren't being delivered in your neighborhood. The carriers are paid to get them out to non-subscribers and we haven't seen them in our subdivision for a few months.

However, my in-laws have done TMC delivery for years and even after all of their papers are delivered, they average about 100 leftover, so obviously I am more than stocked up on Wednesday's Albertson's ad and up to my ears in Doublers. I try to spread the wealth around to my fellow couponers.

Most people consider these papers a nuisance, since they didn't ask for them and they should be really easy to collect from your neighbors as long as they're being delivered in your area. If not, give Greg White at the Statesman a call.


Martha said...

So, are the papers really .75 at Freddies and .70 at your Albertsons? All the stores I've shopped in Meridian have the papers for $1.50 except Walmart, which is $.95.

Jen said...

I've given you a blog award, check it out here:


richelle said...

I went to the Ablies you mentioned during those times and they were reluntant to give me a doublers, because they asked if I already had a set and had to clear it with a manager. also when I tried using more then one the cashier wasn't too happy and sat there reading the fine print to me (after I had let the people behind me go ahead of me knowing I would be doing 2 small (3 items and then 2 items) transactions and told me I had to go out to my car and come back in next time. So really I think it all depends on the time of day and cashier that will determine your experience.

Cathy said...

Crissie - thank you for the info. A class attendee talked about those "things on your driveway", and we weren't positive how that worked. Now we know WHAT they are called and WHO to contact! Thanks!

Martha - the $1.50 you are referring to is the price for the Sunday paper. .75/.70 is the newstand price for the weekday paper.

Richelle, you're right that things will vary by store and cashier. I would definately find out from the manager at your particular store what their store policy is.

Crissie said...


I have extra Doublers from my in-laws leftover TMCs if anyone wants to make the drive to pick them up. I'm in the Thousand Springs Subdivision off of Eagle, just south of Overland. I'm happy to set a few ads out on my front porch for anyone who needs them.


Monica said...

Oh Crissie you are awesome. I am so tempted. I wil have to sit down and figure out how many I will need.

Richelle That is so annoying. You were trying to be courteous and they are rude! What store were you at?
Keep up your good ways girl, we need to give couponers a good name.

Cathy said...

Crissie - That is nice of you to share! I think I live just 2 miles from you, so I may make the trip! Although I need to go through my coupons and see how many more transactions I could do.

ALSO - I'm speculating that they will have more in the Sunday paper? I wasn't in town last time they had week long doublers. Anyone remember if they put them in the Sunday paper as well?

Tricia said...

They didn't have more in the Sunday paper last time - I was hoping that too!

Amber said...

The problem with blog comments is that you can't hear someone's tone, etc., so I first want to say that I in no way mean to be rude or offensive, I just have an honest question. When you say "Some people go the first day and take a stack of the ads so there is nothing left for the rest of us! That is rude and inconsiderate!" do you mean that it's rude to go early and take all the ads or that it's rude to go early to make sure you get what you want? I usually go at 6am b/c my DH leaves for work at 8 and I would rather not go than take my kids (who always cause me to spend more money anyway!). When I got there yesterday at 6:15, after having stopped at the gas station to buy a few more papers, there was a lady coming out with a smile on her face who had no less than 25 ads in her hand. When I walked in, the cashier was taking them off the stand and putting them behind the customer service desk. Now that IS rude, I agree completely. But are you saying it's rude to go that early to make sure you get what you want? Thanks!!

Cathy said...

Hey Amber -

You're right - what I meant is that it is rude to grab a stack and take them. I have absolutely no problem with honest people going first thing Wednesday morning to get their sale items. If they're clearing the shelves, I think that is inconsiderate, and if they're taking all the doubler coupons, I think that is inconsiderate as well.

Hope that clears it up! :) You're right - it is hard to hear someone's tone... hopefully I don't come across as being snotty! :)

kimberly said...

I do three tansactions of 3 doublers in a row all the time at 5m/overland and overland/orchard. I have heard that it's there policy that you can do up to three in a row. And I've done probably 40 sets of doublers at these stores in the last month.

garrettandbritt said...

I just wanted to leave a comment, and tell you thank you for all your advice. I have been stocking this blog for probably 2 months now. I get pretty overwhelmed looking at all you are saving, and wishing I could wrap my head around how you are doing. Finally I was determined to try it. I got everything ready and headed into my local Albertsons today. I am located in the Idaho Falls area. Anyways, with all your good advice and help I came out with 80 dollars worth of stuff and spent only 20. I was extremely excited to say the least. So thank you for all your good posts and help. Maybe now I will try it again, I loved saving that much. Keep up the good work!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Thanks Brittany- It is so exciting to hear about your savings. Thanks for taking the time to thank us. It means a lot! If you have questions let us know.

Melanie said...

And may I say Cathy, thanks for shopping with me in Meridian and helping me understand better! Can't wait for your class!!! I'm so excited now cause you helped me buy about $20 worth of stuff for less than $2!!! Awesome!!!

Kristi M. said...

Today I went into the Blaine/5th street Albertsons in Caldwell. They are super nice and are usually fully stocked with everything on sale. The lady was really nice to me but also clearly stated that they have been told that they can only accept one set of doublers per day. She made me laugh because she said that she felt that if you are willing to pay for the items, there is no reason you can't walk out with them. Every store handles this differently.

I too walk straight to the customer service counter first thing and ask for an ad. That shopping trip, I end up using those coupons with several others in my purse for later. I have two with the same short distance from my house in Caldwell, so going to both is no big deal. I am also in Nampa 3 times per week during my mom's therapy so I have 1.5 hours to kill. Perfect Albies time.

Cathy said...

Kristi - "Albies time"... I love it!