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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


See the top 20 contestants here!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Hip Hop piece by Tabitha and Napoleon! I think that Phillip and Jeanine really nailed it! I was a little worried about Jeanine not having hip hop experience, but she really came out and blew me away! I am going to go and watch that one again.

Vitolio and Asuka did a broadway routine and for me it was just okay.

Jonathan and Karla-Cha-Cha it was pretty good but Adam Shankman said, "I would have liked to see a little more roll and but it was good enough for me." I disagree. Jonathan is a Latin dancer I wanted to see him follow through with every roll!

Tony and Paris - Hip Hop. I am not sure if was the remix of Boom, Boom, Pow that was annoying me but I did not love this one. I did not think it was bad, it just wasn't my fave.

Evan and Randi- Contemporary- I liked this one. I thought it was terrible that they had to pick b/t Evan and his brother the top 20.

Jason and Caitlin-Bollywood- I was not sure I liked Caitilin but I loved her performance in the Bollywood routine. Jason did awesome too.

Brandon and Janette- Fox Trot- First just let me say that I think it is weird that Mary loves Brandon to tears and Little C and Mia hate him. I thought they did a beautiful job. I really liked it.

ps Mary Murphy's botox comment was hilarious! I almost cried I laughed so hard.

Kupono and Ashley -Jazz- Wade Robson came up with a very strange routine, but the dancers did a great job.

Ade and Melissa - Contemporary - Was a beautiful dance.

Kayla and Max- Salsa- Awesome. Better hip action from Max than Jonathan. Kayla was so so fun to watch. I can not believe she has never done ballroom.

It is going to be an awesome season!

Who are your top 2?

Who it in the bottom 2 for you?

Mary's scream like it or hate it?


Amber said...

I am having trouble picking favorites right now. I LOVED the first routine and the last routine. I also loved Evan and Randi. And the ballet girl (forgot her name-but she is amazing). The only ones I really disliked were Vitolio and Asuka. Did not like the routine and did not like their dancing either. I also wasn't crazy about the 2 routines that followed theirs. Not bad, just the weakest overall. But they rest...can I just say I am sooo excited for this season!!

Julee said...

I missed it again! Do you know if you can watch it online anywhere?

Anjeanette said...

Love this show. I loved the first hip-hop routine and the last salsa routine. Can't tell if it's because of the dancers, or the dance they were given. I love Napoleon and Tabitha....they are just SO cool! I also didn't think I liked Caitlin...kind of annoying...but she did really well on the Bollywood routine...so we will see. Mary's sreaming use to be funny, but when she does it for every routine....a little annoying. I have watched all the seasons, and it use to be fun to see when she would scream and who for. My husband thinks she is drunk on the shows....kinda funny. Any way....love this show!

Rebekah said...

first routine and the bollywood were my top faves last night. as far as ones I didn't like, not a fan of Vitolio and Asuka's routine. It was just ok for me. Don't have faves right now. Maybe after next week's show! It's exciting!!

Monica said...

Julee- I think you can watch it on You Tube. I have tried to watch it on fox.com but they do not have it. Lame. Good Luck!