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Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD Week 3 TOP 16

This is my all time fav SYTYCD Routine. It is from Season 4. Mark and Chelsie

I only caught the 1st hour tonight, it was a busy night.

My fav routine from the 1st hour was Brandon and Janette's Hip Hop!

I liked Melissa and Ade's dance, but that dress was way to scandalous to post on our site, but you can watch it on youtube! That is a direct link to the routine.
Speaking of scandalous I did not like Janette's get up either. I really don't like the trashy costumes. What do you think?

I think that Jonathan should go home. I did not like his hip hop at all, and he disappointed me with his Latin a few weeks ago. He is just not as good as many of the other men on the show.

Asuka is my pick to go home for the ladies. There is just something about her that bugs me.

Who do you think should go home?

So what did you guys think of the second hour? I have not been able to find any video yet.

Oh Just found this one of Catlin and Jason. I like it! Love the Roman Theme!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Tune in tonight at 8pm for the results show!


Dana D. said...

I am a big fan of the show, but I have to honestly say that I have not been impressed by the dancers on a whole this season. There have been a few really great performances, but none of the shows so far have been outstanding.

Rebekah said...

Last night's show was not very good. I wasn't really impressed with any of the dances. The hip hop routines were ok, but if I had to choose a fave it would be the Tyce broadway that Phillip and what's her name did (my mind just went blank). It just seemed like everyone was overly cautious last night. It will be interesting to see who goes home. I'm still reeling from Max being sent home last week. I wasn't prepared for that at all.

Monica said...

Jonathan and Askua got the boot! Just what I wanted. I am so glad. Does that sound mean?
I loved Nigel's Tribute to Ed, Farrah and Michael. I thought it was very fitting.