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Sunday, June 28, 2009

RITE AID and Huggies Diapers Deal!

It's a new rebate month over at rite aid. There is this handy little list you can check and make a list of all the rebates that interest you! Click to see the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate Shopping List.

There are 2 Single Check Rebate Offers you can use that will result in some super cheap Huggies Diapers!

Here's how it works:

Purchase 5 packs of Huggies diapers (rebate states you must purchase from 4/26-7/25) and receive a coupon for a FREE pack of Huggies diapers. (SCR #800)

Get $10 Rite Aid gift card when you spend $25 on Kimberly Clark products OR
Get $25 Rite Aid gift card when you spend $50 on Kimberly Clark products.
Lucky for us, Huggies are a Kimberly Clark product! (see Rebate #61)
Buy 5 packs of Huggies @ $11.49 regular price=$57.45
Use 5 $1.50/1 coupons (6/21 SS)
**$44.95 out of pocket**

Submit your rebates for the FREE pack of Huggies and a $25 Rite Aid gift card and it will be like spending $19.95 for six pack of diapers!

Thanks Holly!


Crystal Ashton said...

You can also submit your receipt to Caregiver's Marketplace for the five packs of Huggies you buy up front and get 75 cents back per package. In the end this would make it $4.71 for six packs of diapers!

Jessaca said...

So, I'm wondering, can you do this transaction more than once and use the $25 gift card on each subsequent transaction? Also, I don't know how good this is, but I found a pdf file that had a coupon for $2 off any package of Huggies diapers. I printed off several of them, and I even used one of them the other day, so I know that they're legit. So it would make it even cheaper!

LindaB said...

please share..... where'd you find the pdf file?

Jessaca said...

Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry! I just looked up the pdf and it's gone! They must have cought onto the fact that people could print off as many as they want. Again, I am sorry!

Idaho Lucas Fam said...

I think your math is off. Wouldn't it be $19.95 for six packs of diapers or $8.45 for five packs?

Anonymous said...

I tried to do this today and they said the kimberly clark promo didn't exist. Has anyone else tried? They said there was a johnson and johnson promo and the sixth pack of diapers rebate. Is there a hard copy of the kimberly clark promo anywhere?

Cathy said...

Amy - click on the links above and they will take you to the rite aid website where the rebates are spelled out.

Jamie said...

I think the math is wrong too. Isn't it more like $20 for 6 packs?

Monica said...

You can get a hard copy of the rebates in the store. They have a rebate booklet next the the weekly ad booklet!

Cathy said...

OK - Checked with my source to see what I was missing and ya'll are right! I've corrected to post. $20 for 6 packs of diapers is still good though, right!?

Glen and Nikki said...

Could you do the $50 in more than one transaction? Doing 2 transactions of about $25 so you could use 2 $5/25 coupons then the savings would be more. Would you still get the gift card if it wasn't all in one transaction?

Cathy said...

Nikki - yep, you could do it in two!