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Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Readers are FABULESS!

I just want to give props to our readers... always so willing to share via comments what they've learned, who's out of what, and where they found a particular item or coupon.

You ladies rock!

Other FAB readers, such as Crissie and Hiccups (love that name Cheryl!) have gone above and beyond!

Crissie shared with us how she knew she would end up with a slew of Albertsons doublers, and that she was willing to SHARE! Talk about going above and beyond!!
Stuffed, alphabetized and the whole nine yards!

I can only imagine how much time she and her husband took doing that for complete strangers!
Show her a little bloggy love and go to her blog and click on this picture...
She's in a contest and the more clicks from her site, the more likely she is to win that cool bike!!

And then Hiccups ended up with quite a few $1.50/3 Tuna Coupons that she found - the HOT item of the week! Instead of selling them on eBay or keeping them for herself, she kindly offered them to strangers and shared the couponing love.

You ladies are FABULESS indeed!

I'm proud to be associated with such FAB couponers via this blog!


Crissie said...

Awwww - thanks Cathy... You girls are my favorite bloggers (who can forget staying up all night long for that darned ON coupon??) and I told my husband that I actually look forward to coming home after I've set out Doublers because I always come across the sweetest little "offerings" left out on the porch. It warms my heart... I got some GREAT tuna fish coupons from Cheryl and some awesome salad dressing coupons from an anonymous couponer. I've even come across a thank you card or two. We've had such a heartbreaking year and it truly makes me happy to be able to share what we DO have. :) Sounds corny, but it's totally true.

Fabulessly Frugal and it's FAB readers are my favs.


Amber said...

so once you click it and the bike page comes up, that's it, right? or do you have to do more to make it count? (like vote for her blog or anything?) thanks!

Miss Anna B said...

CRISSIE (and Cheryl)-

Really you deserve every thanks :) What an amazing and kind thing you did. I was a beneficiary of both. Cheryl left a few tuna coupons on your porch and when I arrived to see all your hard work, I had a second surprise!! I am sure others who picked up their doublers from you feel the EXACT SAME WAY!!! Thank you. For being so great :)

kimberly said...

thank you so much for the doublers, it was so kind of you to share with. I clicked on you bike about 20 times, i lost count because you deserve it. thanks agian. kim

cheryl_hiccups said...

You mean I could have sold those tear pads on Ebay?! *facepalm*

Ha ha! I jest. :D

Thanks again for the doublers, Crissie.

Sara said...

anybody in Caldwell or Nampa still have any of the tuna coupons they could share, or the tuna. I didn't check any blogs for a few days, and now upset with myself that I missed out on such a great deal. Thanks, Sara sf_me@hotmail.com

Julee said...

I was also able to benefit from the goodness of both ladies! They are both wonderful and I really appreciate their time and effort to share with us! Thanks again girls!

Cheryl said...

tuna is on sale next week at albies too. clicked a few time for you!