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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The first Vegas show aired tonight!

Who is in your top 20?
I would like to see the brothers make it.

Did you like the sisters or the brothers?
I did not like the sisters.

Who was BUCK for you?
I am not sure yet. I mainly wanted to say BUCK.

Does it make you mad when they string the contestants along or do you like it?
Sometimes it is really annoying because it is so predictable. But if it is not predictable it is kind of fun.

Who is your favorite Choreographer?
I love Tyce Stiorio and of course Mia Micheals. I used to love.... shoot what was that guys name that did the hip-hop and left the show for another MTV version?

Who is your favorite Judge?
I like Nigel because he is so honest and he usually gives worth while feed back.

Don't miss the next episode tomorrow at 8:00 MST TOP 20!

Que Music........


Rebekah said...

Her name has escaped me now....the gal with the crazy mohawk-love her stuff and Tyce's too. This should be a great season. Don't know who I want to go on and who I don't. I was really surprised that Natalie (the red head that was on last year-Katie's roomie) got cut-I really wanted to see her go all the way. Fun fun fun! Can't wait!!

Monica said...

Rebekah- You are thinking of Sonya.

I was thinking of Shane Sparks, anyone remember him?

Erin said...

Hmm. Is the one who left for MTV Wade Robson? I loved him... My husband and I are SYTYCD ADDICTS! We both love Mia! And, I like Napoleon & Tabitha most of the time... But, I did love Wade...

Erin said...

PS: I, too, was ticked about Natalie getting cut. My husband keeps laughing at me because I sighed really heavily every time a dancer who is less talented than her (in my opinion) makes it through... Especially that popper guy who REALLY CANNOT DANCE to save his life...