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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fabuless Coupon Tip Tuesday: Shopping From Your Pantry

My husband went on a camping trip last week and he needed some snacks for the drive and the camping. This is the very reason that I stockpile junk food. We do not eat most of this stuff on a daily basis at our house, but when we are on trips or up camping it is nice to have.
If he would have just gone to the store to buy this stuff it would have cost us around $30, (probably more b/c you know he would have picked up a few random extras).
We shopped my pantry for these items and all if it only cost me about $3. 90% Less!


Susie and Cody said...

Ha! that is great! Last week we were going to spend a night on the lake with my sister's family and my fiance said "should we stop by the gas station and get some snacks to contribute?" I just smiled and said "or we can just stop by our cupboard and get a few things out of there". I'm new to couponing so I just loved this!

Carolee said...

My problem--my kids and hubby seem to think they can "shop" from the pantry for snacks and capri suns anytime they want!! I only have so many hiding places!

Amber said...

Sometimes if it's something I want to save for trips or whatever, I put it in the garage before I go in the house and my husband doesn't even know I bought it! He never would think to look amid all the other stuff out there. Then I can whip it out when the time comes. My kids are still too short to reach anything, so it works for me!

Amber said...

Hey you guys, my mom lives in Utah and got her ad in the mail today. She said it only has 2 doublers in it. Just FYI!

cynthea said...

That is brilliant. I need to do this especially the snack foods because we camp almost every weekend. Thanks for the ideas.