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Monday, June 29, 2009


Just a peak at some of the fun I've had at Albies this past week

(note: I did this in 3 separate transactions at each store... I visited 3 stores so I wasn't "wiping" anyone out).

In this picture:
  • 16 boxes of Pillsbury Brownie Mix - FREE (only paid tax plus the $1.84 to purchase/ship them via eBay - did this at 2 different stores in 4 different transactions)
  • 2 gallons of milk .45 (includes tax)
  • 12 Capri Suns (again, multiple transactions/stores/purchase coupons from eBay) $4 plus tax
  • Taco Bell stuff - just used as "filler" so I could get to my 10 items in the promo
  • Dannon 6-pack Yogurts - came to $.49-$.99/each because I purchased coupons on eBay for $1 (shipping was free)
  • Tuna - .25/pouch plus got a $1 catalina
  • MISSING: 6 Hagaan Daaz ice cream cups (2 consumed by my daughter and me, the rest in the freezer so the small ones could remain unaware of their existence!!)
This was all purchased Saturday afternoon at 3 different Albertsons. The one closest to me was wiped out of a lot of the stuff, so I went a few miles to two other stores.

PURCHASED: 54 items
COST of eBay COUPONS: $6.84 (incl shipping - I still have some coupons left to use)
STORE OOP: $15.82
TOTAL OOP: $22.66
(ave less than .42 per item)

This doesn't include the 4 other stops I did the day before and the last one I did that evening with my sister.

Over Friday and Saturday I made 8 stops at 3 different stores and did (these numbers include above numbers):

PURCHASED: 100 various items - reg Albertsons inflated price would have been: $225.22
TOTAL OOP: $44.20

In my pantry, storage and fridge I now have:

Tuna fish pouches, brownie mix, Capri Suns, Haagen Dazs ice cream cups, milk, yogurt, bread, popcorn, Kashi bars, CPK Pizzas, Bagel Bites, Cherry 7-up for my man, Trident Gum, bottled water, and fresh peaches.

Carpri Suns are saved for camping, when we have to bring a "treat" for sports teams, and school field trip cold lunches. These will last us the remainder of the year. Many staples in my pantry and fridge, and my husband is addicted to Cherry 7-up... I'd rather stock up at a good price than have him pick it up at (gulp) a convenience store for an arm and a leg! And Costco can't even beat less than .06 per water bottle.

I also taught my 10 year old daughter the value of a dollar. She's decided even if she has a lot of money when she grows up (hey, they're feeling the unemployment pinch!), she's still going to use coupons. :)


Monica said...

Thanks Tricia!

kimberly said...

At the overland and orchard alb's in Idaho they let me do all five doublers in one trans. This made it a lot easier. I used a hot dog coupon $1/2 oscar meyer hot dogs. They are .98 cents and so I doubled the coupon and got them for free. Also in sunday's paper there were some great coupons for chinet cups and plates, I doubled these $1/1. They are on sale for $2.25 and $2.50. So I got them for .25 cents and .50 cents.

I got great deals with the doublers yesturday.

17 rolls of sparkle paper towels (I used a rain check for .70 each)
4 pks of hot dogs .98 each
2 milks $1.47 each
2 two pound block of cheese $3.50and $3.99
2 dannon yogurt six packs $2.50ea
1 chinet 15 pk $2.50
1 chinet 25 cup pack $2.50
1 zone bar $1.00
3 kens dressings $2.00ea
2 pks of skittles .50 no coupon
6 lindsay olives (got coupon from there website) $1.25/$1.09ea
2 darigold milk 16 oz $1.00ea

I used my $10.00 cat from two weeks ago.

$13.00ish total out of pocket

I doubled every coupon I had for every item (except the sparkle paper towels and skittles.) So I had to do them in several transations. But it was worth the work.

Cathy said...

Sweetness Kimberly!!