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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Albertsons and your Omega-3's

Sometimes it seems that the only things you can get on a good sale is processed foods.

Here is a staple that is GOOD for you (my chiro tells me I need it for the omega 3's) that you can get CHEAP!!

The StarKist tuna fish is a part of the "Epic Savings Event".

If you purchase it in a group of 10 participating items, you're tuna will be marked down to .75

After check out, a MC for $1/3 off StarKist Tuna Pouches will print out.

You'll also receive a $1 catalina at checkout to use on your next order, for every 5 you buy.

Some stores have tear pads for $1.50/3 pouches (feel free to share where you found some in the comments!).

Purchase 10 pouches for $3 and and receive some goodies at checkout!

Not to fishy at all!

ps - this is a pretty hot sale... might be a good idea to put an order in if you want a lot of tuna!!

pss - grab the little box that holds the pouches. You're kidlets will have be entertained for hours playing "store".


Kristi M. said...

I ended up getting a catalina for $2.50 off when you buy ten. Not the one that you got. I also used my 2 $1 catalinas on my next order of 10 pouches making it a $1 for 10. The same catalinas printed again. I tried to use the $2.50 catalina on the second order and for some reason it would not scan. I plan on trying this again at another Albertsons.

Kristi M. said...

Oh ya, the boxes are perfect for holding the pouches in food storage.

Brandy said...

No tear pad coupons at the Columbia Village Store :*(

How many do you have to purchase to get the $1/3 coupon?

Monica said...

In your hint: Are you talking about doubleing the catalina? It says not subject to doubling on it. I am confused.

cheryl_hiccups said...

So, I happen to have a LOT of the $1.50/3 coupons. And I came by them honestly. My albies was selling the whole unassembled tuna displays by this afternoon and the display I bought had 2 tear pads inside.

I am in Meridian and if anyone wants some you can email me at hiccups (at) cableone (dot) net.


Cathy said...

You're right Monica - I got some bad info. I took this off the post! Thanks for reminding me to READ THE FINE PRINT!! :)

Cheryl - what a FAB couponer you are to share the love!

Brandy - I purchased 10 and it printed out. I'm assuming Kristi purchased 10 as well. Let us know if it works for you if you purchase less! Good luck!

cheryl_hiccups said...

Oh, and it was the Fairview & Meridian Rd Albies that had them. They were running low on tuna by this afternoon, but said they were expecting more Thurs evening. You could probably call to confirm this.

Martha said...

Cheryl...I send you an e-mail...I'd love some if you have them!!!

Tricia said...

Fairview/Meridian Rd was all out tonight!

Monica said...

Ladies- When you are purchasing 10 are you getting a $2.50 cat or a $1 cat?
I bought in lots of 6 today to use the $1.50/3 tear pad coupon and ge the $1 cat for purchasing 5.

But a $2.50/ 10 would be better!

Cathy said...

If I understand, the $2.50 you are referring to is acutally a MC for $2.50 WYB 10 pouches OYNO. This is in addition to the 2 $1 catalinas that are like "Albies cash".

The difference is that I only recd a $1/3 MC, and Kristi got a $2.50/10 MC. Is that right Kristi?

Martha said...

I think the $2.50 is not actually as good...you have to use it on 10 pouches and it is a MC, so you would not be able to use your $1.50/3 as well...so if you have the $1.50/3 and also have the albertsons $1 catalinas, you can use those together.

cheryl_hiccups said...

Just a heads up, all my tuna coupons have been spoken for.


Cathy said...

5&O Albies has marked their Albacore packets to the $1.25 and are including them on the 10 item deal. They had maybe 20 or os as of an hour ago.

The Keevy Family said...

Does anyone have an expiration date on the catalina for $1 off for every 5 you buy?

Cathy said...

I just looked at the little tag hanging under the tuna today and it said July.... something! I told myself to remember it because it'd be good to know! Should have written it down!

Tricia said...

PYP says that the catalina goes thru 7/14. And the tuna deal $5 off when you purchase 10 items is a two week deal, according to a few grocery managers I talked to. So we have more time to get the tuna!

Cathy said...

Woo hoo!!

Amber said...

The Epic Savings Mix and Match runs for 4 weeks. They will be switching up some of the items on sale, but the tuna is on the ad for next week as well. Also, the warehouse that supplies the local stores (Boise area) is completely out of tuna. So at this point, all of the orders are backed up. I suggest getting rain checks as opposed to placing special orders.

Dana D. said...

I have looked and looked for these tear pads you guys refer to and have never found them at my Alb store. Today I found out that the manager actually carries them around in his pocket. He says they are like gold and this is to keep people from abusing the use. He said just to ask him and he will be happy to hand them out.

Just an FYI, for those who can't find the tear pads in their store.