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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walgreens 5/3-5/9

Here are a few things that are happening at
Walgreens this week! (View the ad here - thanks iheartwags)

Here is whats

Free 8×10 Photo Enlargement, Wednesday Only (with in-ad Coupon)

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste: $4.49
Use $1.00 off or $.75/1 SS 4/26
Get back $4.50 in register rewards
Final Price: OVERAGE of $.75-$1.00

Right Guard: $2.99
$1.00/1 SS 4/19 SS
Get back $2 in RR
Final Cost: FREE

Breeze2 or Contour Glucose Monitor $14.99 (this goes all month long)
Use Save up to $30 RP 2/1
(They will credit the value of 14.99)
Receive $5RR
Final Cost: $5 OVERAGE

Bayer Quick Release Crystals: $2.49 (this is going all month long too!)
Get back $2.50 in RR
Final Cost: FREE


Slim Fast Multi pack Bars or Shakes 2/$12
$2/1 Printable OR
$3/1 Printable OR
(I had problems with both of these printables - you?)
Register here and get up to $20 in coupons
Receive $2 in RR
Final Price: 2/$4 or 2/$6 or Varies

Listerine Mouthwash or Rinse $4.50
$1/1 on Agent Cool Blue or Smart Rinse SS 3/15 OR
$2/1 on Total Care
Anticavity Mouthwash SS 3/15 OR
$2/1 on Total Care
Anticavity Mouthwash RP 4/26 OR
$2/1 printable here
(this only worked in IE for me)
Receive $4.50 in RR
wyb 2
Final Price: $0.50-$2.50 for 2 (or $.25-$1.25 each)

Sunkist, 7 UP, Canada Dry, A&W or Hawaiian Punch 12 pk 3/$11 (this one is for my dad, who LOVES A&W! - he even has an A&W mug he keeps in his freezer!)
$1/1 12 Pack of Cherry 7 UP (don't get me started on my husband who LOVES this!)
get $5 RR wyb 3

Final Price: VARIES - as low as $3 for 3 or 3 for $6 ($2 for a 12 pack - still a great deal!)

V-8 V Fusion Juice--2/$6
Use $2/1 printable coupon
Final Price: 2/$2

Now for some scenarios:

I just might stock up on some Cherry 7 Up for my man, and some A&W for my dad
(Seriously, he'd LOVE this as a Fathers Day gift. Sad, isn't it?).
  • Purchase 3 12-packs
  • Use 3 $1/1 coupons (for the Cherry 7 Up - this means I'll have to print from another computer)
  • OOP: $8.00
  • Receive $5.00 RR
  • Purchase myself two bottles of Listerine (Don't worry Hygienist Monica, I'll clean that carbonation off of my teeth with a little help from Listerine and my daily flossing and brushing).
  • Use $2/1 from the 3/15 insert, and another from the 4/26 insert.
  • I'll also have to get a pencil or something cheap so I can use my $5 RR I just got from my soda (because you need an item for every "coupon" turned in). Let's assume my pencil is .50
  • So I've got 2 Listerine at $4.50 each - that is $9.00
  • Then I've got my pencil (or candy...) for (an assumed) .50 - comes to $9.50 right?
  • Turn in my $5 Register Reward that I just got (total is now approx $4.50)
  • Then turn in my two $2 coupons...
  • Total OOP $.50 (plus tax on all items "pre-coupons")
  • PLUS I'll also get a $4.50 RR!
Now I'll roll that over and purchase 3 more 12-packs for $11
  • Going to purchase another small pencil or piece of candy (.50)
  • Turn in my $4.50 RR
  • Turn in 3 $1 coupons (assuming I'm printing from multiple computers again)
  • Total OOP would be $4.00
  • And I'll walk away with another $5 Register Reward
If I didn't want more Listerine, I could do this with the Total Colgate RR deal (mentioned at the top). Since I have a coupon, I would need to throw in some other item (are you tired of me saying this yet?).

You don't have to do all these in one day (but you can do multiple transactions - just warn your cashier and those behind you. Better yet, if there is someone behind you and they don't have much, let them cut in front of you!).


Since all three are DIFFERENT PROMOTIONS, go ahead and purchase 1 Colgate, 2 Listerine and 3 12-packs ALL IN ONE TRANSACTION (don't forget your coupons!) and walk away with $14 in Register Rewards to use for next weeks sale!!! Your first week will be more OOP, but after that you can just roll from week to week! (And sometimes if you miss a week, you'll be OK -just watch the expiration!)

CONFUSED? Ask away!!

Thanks Fistful of Coupons, Being Frugal is Fabulous, or Mommies With Cents


Amber said...

I'm just wondering, if I buy 2 of the same thing in the same transaction, will 2 RRs print? Like if I bought 2 Right Guards? It looks like yes but I just want to make sure.

And just a funny story: I was at Wags and the kid behind me (I say kid, he had to be at least 21) looked like he was just buying 1 thing. I let him go in front of me b/c I had 3 transactions. He ended up wanting cigarettes and took awhile to choose, and then didn't have enough money so he had to go out to his car to get some more. He actually took longer than I did!

Jake and Steph said...

What Walgreens in Boise/Meridian allows you to roll your RR's? I can tell you several that don't! They say if I use a RR to pay for something that has an RR (even if it is a totally different item), the RR will not print. I have tried it once and sure enough, I didn't get an RR on the Nivea bodywash because I paid with an RR from Listerine.

sosiouxmeto said...

thank you for making it easy to understand how to take advantage of the deals.

Monica said...

Amber- If you buy two items in the same RR deal you will ONLY get 1 RR. That is why some do mult transactions.
Thanks for the story. Funny.

Jake and Steph- Which stores don't let you roll? I have heard that the Nampa 12th/greenhurst doesn't but no others.
I am working on a wags 101 post to answer all these ?'s for you guys.
Here is the secret. If you have more Manufactures coupons than items the register will not except anymore coupons. RR is considerd a manufactured coupon.
But that isn't really what you are saying. I have not had this problem. I am not sure how to answer, but here are a few things to consider. Sometimes the catalina machine gets jammed or unplugged resulting in no print.
Last month I bought an Edge shave gel and I know it was the right one. Anyway the RR did not print, so I returned it. I did not pay with an RR, I do not know why it did not print that day. It should have, it was the only thing I bought and I did not use any coupons.
One time I had a wags manager tell me that they are working on updates for the registers and that some stores get them sooner than others. So possibly it is an update to the system causing this. But to tell you the truth I was not sure if that manager really knew what she was talking about.
The stores that I have shopped at and not had problems are the Overland/five mile, overland/orchard and the new meridian one on linder and mcmillin I believe. Let us know if you get anymore answers, or have anymore ?'s