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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Navy Coupon Hunt

No word from the Supermodelquin today, but I think the Old Navy coupons hunt will start soon. The page is refereshed from last week, it is just not active yet. Start your hunt here!
Check back for updates as to where the coupons are hidden!
If you find anything good let us know in the comments!

The high value coupons are gone already!

In case you check later this week and the big ones are reset here is how you find them thanks to Jen at Thrifty Northwest Mom!

$60 off $100 - take the bucket in the middle square (w/two little boys)--bring it over to the pool (far right picture) and it will move showing it's filling up--once it's done that, then bring it to the picture w/the people wearing goggles and drop it there, it will fill the screen with water. You have to keep doing those steps --filling it w/water in the pool, then dropping it in the picture until it fills up the whole picture and then you'll have the $60 off.

$45 off $100 - The girl with the purple dress (on far right) has a bottle of suntan spray. Take it and spray the girl with the blue bikini (in picture on the top left w/3 girls in swimsuits)--you'll have to do it twice to spray her whole body.

$20 off $100 - Click on the orange/white striped tote (at the bottom) -move it to the girl with the purple dress and put it on her arm (just above her hand, on the right side)

$15 off $75 - In the video, at 7-8 seconds in, click on the orange sign (says Old Navy Flip Flops $1) --it does look like different people are finding it in different places--sometimes it moves around to different locations.

$10 off $50 - Middle picture with the two boys--the older boy's head is in the sand--move it onto his head

$5 off $50 - Click on the orange bottle of the girl with green swimsuit (top picture w/3 girls in swimsuits)


Lindsey said...

$10 off a $50 purchase when you put the head (beside the bucket) onto the little boy's body.

Sara said...

Wow, I'm new to this coupon hunting thing! This is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

Supermodelquin said...

Hi Monica,

With skirts and dresses just $15 in store and the fabulous $75 off $100 coupon back, this week at OldNavyWeekly.com may be our most exciting yet. Hope you’re ready for all the fun to come when we refresh the site this Sunday – good luck!

Nicole D.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy