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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Old Navy Coupon Hunt COUPON LOCATIONS!

I was too late tonight for the big ones! Did anyone snag a good ON coupon?
Well the Fabuless Jen at Thrify NW Mom has once again spelled it out on where to find them. So try OldNavyWeekly during the week to see if you can get one. They will come back, but it is hard to say when. If you notice the big coupons are back let us know in the comments!

$75 off $100-- Click on the palm tree in the bottom picture and a parrot will fly out--you have to be VERY fast to catch it!! (this one's gone for now - maybe they will update with more later?)

$50 off $100 - Supposedly there is a blue striped polo shirt in the fabulous finds (bottom left) and you click on the arrows until you find it (supposed to be a boys or men's shirt)--however a large number of people do not have this showing up in ours--still trying to figure out if you needed to do something different to have this show up in there! Anyone have any clues on that? I never saw a blue striped polo shirt (this one's gone for now, too)

30% off $50 - Click on the scarf (upper right) and put it on the blonde girl wearing black and white dress

$20 off $100 - Put the flag t-shirts in red, white, and blue order

15% off-Click on the flag that the brunette is holding (bottom middle)

10% off - Take the black/white strapless dress (in upper right) and put on the blonde girl wearing the black and white halter dress


The Fifes said...

I've always scrolled over these in since i started couponing-- i rarely go clothing shopping. But my hubby got birthday money, and yesterday told me he was heading to ON for the whole amount! I spaced it earlier, scrolling over the other posts to the coupons on other blogs in my reader, so i'm very glad you posted this on your blog a bit later-- i was able to get the 30% coupon! Too bad i didn't try earlier for those other coupons, but we'll see what the future brings. Thanks again.

Dana D. said...

I was able to get the $50 off the $100. Congrats to those who were able to catch the bird! I worked on that one for an hour (and miraculously roped my husband to do so on his computer) before I started looking around for the others.

Ryan and Danna said...

I won I won I won!!! Last night I finally scored a $75 dollar coupon. I think I have been trying for 2 months! haha

Monica said...

Woohoo! I love to hear when our readers score! Congrats ladies, that is awesome. I am so jealous!

Lady Magick said...

I have an update on the Old Navy Coupon Hunt. Check out my site for details.