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Monday, May 18, 2009

More Albies Double Idea's

Tabasco Sauce the small one 2/$3
Use $1/1 good on any size 5/17 SS
.50 overage

Philidelphia Cream Cheese bars or tubs 8 oz. .88 w/ in-store coupon
Use $1/2 from coupon bar
.12 overage

Planters cocktail peanuts 12 oz $2.
Use $1/1 from coupon bar
Thanks Emily, you are Fab!

Tree Top Juice boxes $ 1.00
Use $1/2 3/29SS, 5/17SS Printable

Hefty zip lock bags $2.00
Use $ 1.00 5/17

Capri Sun $2.50
Use $1/1 Sunrise Variety only

PREMIUM Saltine Crackers $2.79
$1/1 from coupon bar

Snyder's Pretzel Big Sticks 2/$4
Use $1/2 5/17 SS

Breyer's Ice cream $3
Use $1/1 5/17SS

Hope that helps someone!

If you found any more Fab deals let us know!


Ashley Madsen said...

Arizona doesn't do doubles at Albertsons. Do you know a blog that lets you know the deals that are going on in AZ? I would really appreciate it.

hiccups said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kimberly said...

http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/ here is a website to check deals in any state. click on state forms on the top left when the page pulls up.

kimberly said...

I have a question? At the Overland/Five mile Alb's yesturday I bought Barbaque sauce(used a rain check from last weeks sale so it was a dollar each) and then tried to double it. The cashier wouldn't let me saying you can't get money back on an item? The manager was saying the same thing. Yet I do it all the time. Like on the cream cheese coupon you showed above. You have overages and then apply them onto another item. Is what the manager saying really true? I though she was wrong. I wasn't trying to get cash back the overage was being applied to cereal.
Yesturday I had an irritating exsperience at 5m/overland alb's. I told about it on the other alb's post earlier in the week.
So Last night I went to the Orchard/Overland Alb's to do more doubling and they were so very nice there. The cashier at the self check out even offered me a coupon of $1.50off Kraft salad dressing and had the dressing right there saying it was only .50 cents. They were just so friendly.

Karilyn said...

When I shopped Meridian Rd/Fairview Albie's last week, I tried to dbl my Ritz coupon with the store coupon and I couldn't because you can only use one store & MC per item...so technically the cream cheese one probably won't work to get an overage, because they made me choose which store coupon I wanted to use, the dbl or the sale price one.


Monica said...


I think any store has the right to refuse overage. Many times you get it b/c they don't pay attention to how all the prices and coupons match up. Many times a store will adjust your coupon so you get the item free w/out overage. (Target does this)
I think it is fine b/c you are just combining a good sale and a coupon, but if they want to adjust it down than I would just go with that! You still get the item for FREE!

Hiccups- thanks for the hefty bag tip!

Here is your link for Albies in AZ http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/coupons/store_sales.php?id=AZ_Albertsons_May13_May19

Monica said...

I think that will vary by store or cashier. I heard a customer ask a cashier yesterday...so I can use this store coupon, the MQ and the double coupon on the same item and the cashier said yes.
Thanks for the heads up. I can see that some stores may do it that way so that will help someone I am sure! You are fab!

kimberly said...

Thank you monica for exsplaining the overages to me. I'm always tring to do the honest thing and understand the rules. It's a bit frustrating when the rules can vary from cashier to cashier and from store to store.

Jennspiration said...

I am overwhelmed and very frustrated with my last two attempts with Albies doublers. I went today to get the Tree Top juice (which were gone) the Hefty bags (which were gone) and the Cream cheese (which the cashier told me if I used the in store and double coupon, it was considered two store coupons) So I ended up paying $8 for two bags of salad and cream cheese when I had planned on paying $0...I'm terribly bummed and am on the verge of not wanting to try doubles anymore! :(