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Friday, May 15, 2009

Food Storage: DONE! Plus a FREE Sample

Are you running out of space for your food storage? Are you getting sick of trying to rotate your storage? Is the food in your stockpile expiring before you can use it all? Does your stockpile mostly contain sugary junk food?

Have you heard of daily bread? I just discovered it. They are a company that sells food storage that has been freeze dried. Kind of like the MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat) they have in the military. This guy Josiah came over and gave my family a free sample the beef stew. It was really yummy.

I have had a few concerns about my food storage lately and daily bread seemed to have all the answers.

Problem: I am running out of space to store food.
daily bread Solution: You can store 3 months supply of food for a family of 5 under a twin size bed.

Problem: I am sick of trying to rotate my stockpile.
daily bread Solution: Daily bread food lasts for 25 years.

Problem: I am concerned that we have too much sugary food, or foods we don't use in our storage.
daily bread Solution: These are real meals like fettuccini alfredo, chicken noodle, creamy vegtables and sausage, and chicken teriyaki w/ rice to name a few.

I am so excited Josiah is going to offer our fabuless readers an extra discount.
$20 off if you order a 3 month supply, if you order more he will increase your discount!

Don't get me wrong these are not couponing prices, you are not going to get most of your food for free, but you can feed a family of 5 for $3.33 per person per day, and solve the above food storage problems. I just use it as a supplement for my couponing stockpile.

If you are in the SW Idaho area call Josiah 208-703-7900 or email dailybreadco@live.com. He will come and give you a free sample of a meal and tell you all about it.
Then if you are interested just tell him you heard about it on Fabulessly Frugal so you can get your extra discount.

If you are not in my area you may still be able to sample this awesome product. Go here to request your sample and a rep in your area will bring it over.


Jennifer said...

I think food like that is great for emergencies, but I still think that the bulk of your food storage should be food that your family regularly eats and likes and that you can rotate. :)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Oh you should keep with your couponing stockpile of course. This is just a good supplement and a great way to ensure you have healthy items. Couponing items are not always healthy and the food from daily bread is!

Sara said...

Daily bread is really cool. But, last time I looked into it, I couldn't buy a small amount. The smallest amount I could purchase was 3 months, which was several thousand dollars. It is a lot to drop all at once for food you may never eat......and I refused to finance food storage....hence the couponing. I did purchace their milk though....tastes way better than powdered milk. So I have that for "drinking" milk for babies and kids, and powdered for cooking.

Mommy Frugalness At It's Finest said...

We got this about 2 mths ago and i love it. We stored it in our daughter's closet. And the kids love it. And you can buy small amounts of certain kinds of things.(milk,meats,vegies). It is a little more expensive but worth the hassle of not rotating and storing things.

Monica said...

Sara- They now have a 1/2 month supply option. It may be a better fit for you!