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Saturday, May 16, 2009

FABULESS Albertsons Doublers.... AGAIN!

Have you saved any of your coupons? We mentioned it earlier in the week that there would be doublers in Sunday's paper. Here are some things you can do with them!


Kelloggs Cereal! (Rice Krispies 12 oz., Frosted Mini Wheats 16 oz., Frosted Flakes 17 oz., Raisin Bran 20 oz.)
4 for $10 - then save $4 instantly
Now it's: 4 for $6
Use 4/$1 printables (hopefully you snagged them a few weeks ago because they are no longer available)
Double two coupons
Final Price: 4 boxes FREE!

Knorr/Lipton rice or pasta sides - .25 each!
On sale for $1.00 each - grab two
use .75/2 (Unilever 4/5)
use ONE doubler
FINAL PRICE: .50 for 2!!

TRANSACTION TOTAL $.50 (plus tax)!

OR, how about this?

Tombstone Pizza (remember how I told you if you buy 4, you'd get a free redbox code?)
Double two of these: $1/2
Get Four Tombstone Pizzas for $9.32 plus a redbox movie code.

GENERAL MILLS PROMO Deals: (Purchase $10, save $4 instantly)

Scenario Using 3 Doublers:
Betty Crocker frosting $1.67/$1.00
Double $.50/1
Final Price: FREE

General Mills cereal $2.50/$1.50
Double $1.00/3 SS 5/3
Final Price for 4 Boxes: $3 (or $.75/ea)

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.67/$1.00
Double $.50/1
Final Price: FREE

TRANSACTION TOTAL: $3.00 plus tax


Yoplait Gogurt $2.50/$1.50
Double $1/2
Final Price: $1.00 for 2 boxes of Gogurt!

Yoplait YoPlus $2.50/$1.50
Double .50/1 SS 3/29
Final Price: $.50!

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad $1.25/.75
Double .50/2 found in 5/17 inserts
Final Price: .50 for 2 boxes!

TRANSACTION TOTAL: $2.00 plus tax

Let us know how you do! And save some stuff for us Monday shoppers!! :)


Emily said...

I was noticing that many of my internet printables for General Mills products say "No Doubling" at the top. I am assuming that I can not use them with my doublers at Albertsons. Let me know if this is wrong because I am pretty bummed about it!

Cathy said...

You're right Emily. Many IP's do say that. I think the insert one's should be OK. That is a major bummer aka BUMMAGE!

Jennifer said...

YOU WERE RIGHT!! I found doublers in my paper this morning! You are SO good!! Thanks!

The Smiths said...

Albertsons in Emmett will double IP and others that say "No Doubling." I'm guessing because they are actually matching the coupons as a store and not expecting the manufacturer to double compensate them. Check with the managers...it doesn't hurt to ask!

kimberly said...

I just got back from using my doublers and I want to pull my hair out!!!

Cathy said...

Uh oh! Problems with the checker? Nothing in stock? Or is your brain just fried!?

kimberly said...

They had the items in stock that I wanted, I had everything in order, but the cashier called the manager over on everything... It took 15 minutes to check out and I had three orders. I even let the guy behind me go in front because he had a small order. At the end she makes a comment that next time I'd have to go to the end of the line if I had more than one transaction. The nerve of her. This is the same lady who last week told me I could only do three transactions in a row. So that is what I limited it too. I was organized, everything in order. But she wanted to argue over .02 cents. My tax should of been .30 cents instead of .28 cents. My overage went into the tax by .02 cents and I told her I'd be glad to pay it. I should of had her adjust one coupon down to .98 cents. She called a manager over for this too. On the next transaction she complained when I used two catalina's for $2.00 off each. The store I am complaining about is the overland and five mile store. and the cashier is Fho. Even the manager was snotty to me and made a comment that the customers don't tell them what to do. I was explaining how I did the coupons and how I was right. I was nice and pleasant the whole time. I went to this store because of time constraints but I will shop at other alb's as much as possiable instead of this store. Hey at least I only spent $3.00 for 13 boxes of cereal, two bags of toastada's, two packs of shreaded cheese, four bottles of barbaque sauce (used a rain check) and two cream cheeses.

Cathy said...

That sure stinks! I shop at 5&O as well and have generally had an OK time. But I have heard many complaints about this store as well. That is too bad that they can't treat their customers kindly. I've always been able to use multiple catalinas on one transaction! That is just nuts!

And yes - $3 for all your goodies IS AWESOME! You can most definitely feel good about that!

kimberly said...

Cathy, I have a question for you, I used my rain check for four barbaque sauces,(1.00 each) plus I was getting two bags of the toastada's for 1.99 each. I had three barbaque sauces coupons I asked her to double two. They were for a $1.00 off each. The Cashier said she could NOT because that would be giving me money back. But the extra from them I was going to use on the toastada's. The manger came over and also said I couldn't. I just had them double the Toastada coupons instead. I don't think I am wrong though? I hear all the time of people using the overage of one coupon to pay for other items in the same transaction?

Emily said...

I found another FREE deal tonight. Planters cocktail peanuts 12 oz are on sale for $2. There is a $1 off Planters Nuts internet printable which doubled makes them FREE.

Monica said...


Thank you. Perfect timing. I was just making a post about the doubles I found today. I added yours. I printed those coupons and wanted to use them. Can't wait to use them tomorrow!