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Friday, May 22, 2009

Doubler Madness

Okay, so all of this loot cost me $1.49 total (take note of the little hand grabbing for the chocolate. Like mother, like daughter!). Good times, right? Let me walk you through how I did it. I went to 2 different Albertsons (because I am strongly opposed to shelf clearing!), and did this in 5 transactions.
Start here: Get 5 copies of today's Statesman at Walmart= (.35X5) $1.75. They are open 24 hours a day, so hustle on over there (local gals, the Overland Walmart had plenty in stock!). Locate the Albertson's ad on the back page of the main section, and clip all of the doublers.

Honey-Maid Grahams=$2.49
Hershey's Bars (6pack)=$3.00
Jet-Puffed Marshmallows=$1.00
Total so far=$6.49
Instant savings when you purchase all 3= -$3.00
Use Honey-Maid Grahams, any 14 oz. or larger $1/1 when you buy (1) Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, 10 oz. or larger AND (1) Hershey's Chocolate, SS-5/17= -$1.00
Use 1 doubler= -$1.00
Total so far $1.49

1 Wishbone spritzer=$2.50
1 Wishbone dressing=$2.50
$5.00 plus previous total=$6.49
Instant savings of $2.00 when you buy 2 (to be used toward the purchase of meat, which I did. But for the sake of this breakdown, am not factoring in.)= -$2.00
Use 1 .75/1 Wishbone dressing and 1 $1/1 Wishbone Spritzer, RP-5/17= -$1.75
Use 2 doublers= -$1.75
Grand total for transaction 1= .99 cents!

6 3-pack Tree Top juice boxes=$6.00
Use 3 $1/2, SS-5/17 or Printable= -$3.00
Use 3 doublers= -$3.00
Grand total for transaction 2=FREE!!

3 Hefty zip lock bags (find the ones on sale for 2/$4)= $6.00
Use 3 $1/1 Hefty Bags RP-5/17= -$3.00
Use 3 doublers= -$3.00
Grand total for transaction 3=FREE

Repeat transaction 3 (did it at a separate Albertsons, so there is plenty left for you!)

Had coupons for free ketchup and 2 free candy bars, and since those coupons are not readily available, pretend that those items aren't there (because I have already consumed the candy bars, so they really no longer exist!).

2 3-packs Tree Top juice boxes=$2.00
Use 1 $1/2, SS-5/17 or Printable= -$1.00
Use 1 doubler= -$1.00
Total so far=FREE!!

1 Edge Shaving Cream=$1.50
Use 1 .75/1, SS-5/17 = -.75
Use 1 doubler= -.75
Total so far= STILL FREE!

1 pack Solo Heavy Duty Plates=$2.50
Use 1 $1/1 Solo Heavy Duty product, SS-5/17= -$1.00
Use 1 doubler= -$1.00
Grand total for transaction 5= .50


If you factor in the cost of the papers, I only paid $3.24 for EVERYTHING. Not bad, eh? I know for some of you, this is redundant. But when I was a newbie, I followed posts like this to the letter. That is how I learned. So hopefully, this type of post helps a few of you out there who are just starting out.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe!


JeN said...

Hi, I found your blog and love looking at your deals.. I live in California and can't seem to get great deals like you are getting :( When you say Albertsons doubles, do you have coupons to double them or does your Albies just double? My email is jbbelew@hotmail.com and I would love for you to share some of your saving secrets with me :) Thanks!!

Kym said...

This type of post is very. very. very helpful. Thank you! I need this road map as I am a "newbie" and glad to be one!

Julee said...

I love posts that spell it out! Thanks so much!

Leah said...

We didn't get the extra double coupons in the Friday paper up here in Spokane but some of us were able to get a few extra from our Wednesday sale papers and score on some free stuff. You Idaho ladies are masters at this :) Im going to link this to my blog.

Sara said...

Hey...you know, even us who coupon more regularly can really use this break down. Thanks!

Fabulessly Frugal said...


My mom is in So Cal and I just found a Fab list for her to use to save at all of the stores in So CAL. Is that where you are? Some Albies deals are the same as ours and some our different. Just click on the drop down menu that says select a store to see lists for other stores. The Rite Aid, Wags and Target deals we post should be the same in your areas.
As for doubles you have to get the little coupons that will allow you to double on coupon per double coupon and they come in the ad. See a pic on this post. I do not think you are getting those yet in so cal. Maybe soon?:) Those doubles only come randomly in the ad. Not every week.

Good luck.


Fabulessly Frugal said...

fab list link


doubles pic on post Albies lunch break run Newbie version scroll down to view