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Friday, April 10, 2009

Walgreens Multiple Transaction Tutorial

Walgreens golden rule: RR= Register Reward
If you pay for a RR deal with an RR from that same deal you will not get another RR.
However if you pay with an RR from another deal, yeah you get an RR.

Example: Pay for Colgate with an RR you got from buying Colgate no RR will print.
Pay for Colgate with an RR you got from buying Skintimate you will get an RR.

This week in our coupon class we had a question. How are you getting toothpaste for free if you have to pay cash first and come back to buy something else?

Here is my solution and if you hurry you can do it too.
Colgate promo ends Sat April 10th but the Skintmate goes until April 25th.

Skintimate $2.99

Pay cash 3.18

Get $3 RR

Colgate $3.49

Use .75 coupon from paper

or $1 printable at http://www.coupons.com/ or in our coupon bar on the side

Subtotal falls below $3 after coupon so I bought some Easter basket candy to get the subtotal above $3 so I could use the RR from the Skintimate

Paid with $3 RR

.37 OOP to cover the tax and a little from the Easter candy

Then you could do the same thing again. Buy the Skintimate with the Colgate RR.

I did this twice.

Note: The Skintimate pictured is the one producing an RR for $3 until April 25th!

Hope this helps someone!


Jen said...

thanks! i think ill try this out this weekend

Monica said...

Monica, Hi, I'm also a Monica. Anyways I was wondering if you have ever tried to buy a totally different product with multiple RR. I want to buy a humidfier filter for $9.99 and I have a two $3.00 RR from the Edge Shave gel and a $2.00 RR from Chapstick. Of coarse, if they allow it I will still have some out of pocket to pay?

Monica said...

Monica nice to meet you!

You can do this but here is the catch to using multiple RR's. They are considered a coupon and you can only have one coupon per item. So you would have to get two pencils, or little candies so that you did not have more coupons that items. Make sense?

The Smiths said...

I went to Walgreens yesterday (12th & Greenhurst in Nampa) to get some Gillette Shave gel and as I was walking in there was a sign that says they do not accept mnf coupons for items that have RR. It said if you use a mnf coupon the RR won't print. I've always used one. Is this happening to all the stores? Anyone else seeing this?

Picanco Family said...

Question: Could you use a Colgate RR from toothpast to buy the toothbrushes this week?

Monica said...

The Smiths- I am sorry to say but I have shopped that 12th/greenhurst store and they are horrible. I have had several bad experienced there and vow to never go back. That sucks b/c it I have to drive farther if I want to do my lunch break wags run. I have started focusing more on Albies at this time b/c the 12th/greenhurt store is awesome.
Anyway, I guess it is manager discression there and I think they have made a bad choice. I have NOT seen this at any other store but would be curious if others have. I have NEVER had trouble with an RR printing when using a coupon.

Picanco Family- I am not sure about that. Maybe if I get a chance to go to my coupon friendly O/5 store I will try it. If it does not work they will return it for me. Of course you could try it too. Sorry I do not know for sure. I kind of think it will work, but I am not sure.

DebMcGuire said...

Picanco Family- I accidentally used a RR from Colgate toothpaste to buy a colcage toothbrush and a new RR did NOT print. Oopps! I think it has to be from a different company, and not just a different item. I redid the transaction and used a RR from the Skintimate and a new RR did print. I have never had an issue using a manf. q and getting back the RR for an item.

Monica said...

Deb- Thanks.