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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Smokin' Walgreens Run

I was at Walgreens today, and went to the pharmacy to ask a question about a prescription. While I was standing in line I noticed that, behind the counter, they had the Breeze 2 and Contour Blood Glucose Meters on sale for $14.99 (this brand was not advertised in the paper). I knew I had a coupon for that particular brand before I even looked (up to $30/1, SS 3/22), because my husband has type 1 diabetes, so I pay attention to any coupons/freebies relating to diabetes management. I found the coupon in my handy dandy coupon binder (I'll do a post soon on how I organize mine for easy coupon access) and bought one.

To my surprise, a RR for a free 6oz tube of my favorite toothpaste, Crest Pro-health printed out. So I bought another, and another and another. I paid .90 cents sales tax each time, and each time I received a RR for Crest Pro-health. I still had 2 coupons left for the meters, but there were only 4 left, and I am not one to clear a shelf. So I will use those a different time.

If you are not scatter-brained, like myself, and you do not throw away the receipts after buying the toothpaste, you can sweeten the deal. There is an ESR for $5 (April ESR #5), when you buy 4 Crest Pro-health toothpastes.

I'm sure all you non-diabetics are thinking, first, what on earth is she going to do with all those meters? And second, why would a non-diabetic care about getting a blood glucose meter? Both are valid questions.

I remember watching all of the news coverage when Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans. Over and over I heard that one of the most needed supplies was insulin. We have always been aware of emergency preparedness in my family. We have food storage, 72-hour kits, emergency supplies. I felt we would be prepared if a disaster were to strike. I never thought of my husband's medical condition. How long would the battery in his meter last? How much insulin had we stockpiled? We might have enough food to feed our family, but if we didn't have the necessary medical supplies, my husband could not survive. The answer to the first question is, I'm putting the meters with our food storage; because to our family, they are just as vital.

Now to answer the second question. There are millions of diabetic Americans. Ask around, and you might find a neighbor or family member who could use a free meter (meters can retail from $50-$100). If not, donate them to the Humphrey's Diabetes Center in Boise (or a local diabetes center in your area). In order to donate them, the seal cannot be broken.

To recap (because, as I'm sure you've noticed, I tend to be a bit long-winded!):

In 4 separate transactions, buy 4 Contour or Breeze 2 meters, on sale for $14.99 (might not be advertised): 4 x .90 tax= $3.60 OOP.

Receive 1 RR after each transaction for a 6oz Crest Pro-health toothpaste.

In 4 separate transactions, buy 4 6oz tubes of Crest Pro-health toothpaste, using the 4 RR= FREE! (You don't even have to pay tax on this deal!)

Even though the toothpaste is free, KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! Submit for $5 rebate using April ESR #5=MONEYMAKER!!

Donate any unused meters, and now you have paid a good deal forward!


Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you posted that...
that deal must still be going on...I bought one a few weeks ago and got the RR for toothpaste. I do have more coupons...so, I'm going back now!
(I'm donating mine to a free clinic here in town...I just love it!)

Lynn said...

These will be a MM after $5 RR starting this Sun. when you combine with that Q! Hope you saved some.

Hollie said...

I heard that if you have 4 Crest toothpaste RR's from the contour/breeze purchases and you buy them all at the same time you will get a $5 RR! So this is a great deal!

Amber said...

Hollie, I too have heard a $5 RR prints if you buy them all at once. The problem is that in order to use the RR for the free Crest, you have to ring them up individually. The computer will not accept more than one of those coupons per transaction. Not sure why. The manager tried, but couldn't even override it.