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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lunch Break Albies Run

Just went to Albies to get some deals on my lunch break. I don't have time to give you the details now, so let's play a game. See if you can guess what I paid for everything including tax. We will give the winner FREE admission to our coupon class on Saturday. Yes space is available if you want to come! Sorry reader out of town, you can guess too for fun. The first person to get it right or closest wins. If the winner can not attend the class I will give it to the next person closest! Results will updated on this post later tonight.
UPDATE: Thanks to all who played my little game. That was fun. The closest person was Kim Kim said...
I guess $3.29 + tax, but you probably used a $3 catalina which would bring you down to $.29 + tax. Am I close?
Kim you are so clever to think that I would use a $3 catalina! Great job. I was going to give you all this hint but forgot. Very impressed that Kim figured that out.

My total including tax for the above was .09.

Here is how I did it:

The Bagelfuls and Fiber One Bars were part of the Kraft/General Mills Promo: Spend $10 save $4 instantly!

Bagelfuls 2/$5.00
Used 2 $1 printable

Fiber One Bars 2/$5.00
Used 2 1.35 printables Note this is only good on the new Mocha Flavor, using this on another flavor would be considered FRAUD!
Spent $10 they took off $4!
Making my total for the above $1.30

McCormick Seasonings 2/$3.00
Used $0.75/1 4/5RP
Used $1/1 3/15RP
Total: $1.25

Bag Free with purchase on earth day (good job Tiffani)

Total $2.55-$3.00 catalina from Taco Bell Beans= -.45 +.54tax= .09 cash

I did not realize til now that my coupons paid for some of my tax. I did not think that the register would let you do this. In fact before I handed the cashier my $3 catalina I said, "Can I use this if it drops my subtotal below zero?" She replied, "you will still have to pay tax," and scanned it. I did not think much of it but upon examining the numbers closer I realized that I should not have used my coupon because it paid for part of the tax. Correct me if I am wrong here, but most coupons state right on them consumer pays all taxes. So did the cashier make a mistake? Amber posted about coupon fraud hitting stores hard , but I did not mean to do this and the cashier seemed to think it was not a problem. I am sure there are many people out there committing coupon fraud with out realizing it. We need to figure out some answers here and set the record straight. Anyone know where some concrete answers on coupon fraud can be found?

Ugh I hate that subject the word fraud makes me feel like a criminal and I am an honest person trying to do the right thing but get frustrated when the answers to right and wrong are not clear. There will be more to follow on this subject.

So Kim email us at fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com and we will give you the details on the class. Congratualtions! We have a few more opening if anyone else is interesred.


Angie said...

My guess is $4.50...

Monica said...

I will guess $5.75

Kim said...

I guess $3.29 + tax, but you probably used a $3 catalina which would bring you down to $.29 + tax. Am I close?

Shopping With Cents said...

I guess.......$2.50

Arin said...

I am going to guess $3.08

Kevin and/or Kristen said...
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jenn said...


Beth said...

I'll guess $1.27

Kevin and/or Kristen said...

I'm re-voting $2.90 plus tax :o)

Tiffani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffani said...

I am re-guessing. I think that your order was $2.30 before sales tax and any catalinas earned from previous purchases (that wouldn't count). I'm figuring the grocery bag was free since it is earth day!

Martha said...

$3.39 + tax

Amber said...

My guess is $2.42. Obviously, it won't count, but I love a challenge!

talktoannie23 said...

$2.30 plus tax!

The Barker Clan said...

I have an ethical question. On the Fiber One bars it stated the mocha flavor, which I didn't really realize until I read your blog, but when I used the coupon for another flavor it scanned. I thought that as long as the coupon scanned, the store would receive their money. Is this true? If it is true, why would it be fraud? Not wanting to cause an argument I just want to be sure I am being an honest couponer and don't want to cause the store problems. Thanks!

Kim said...

Hi! I sent an email to you yesterday about the class, but haven't heard back. Just wanted to make sure you got it!