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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is it the end of the Albertsons Doubler?

Doublers are exhausting. Planning the perfect scenario, and returning, again and again to the store to use them all up. I found myself wishing for a break from them (I know, I know-what was I thinking?). Sadly, that wish might be permanently fulfilled.

When I was in the store this morning, I ran into the manager (remember the ex-Mr. Crankypants?). He told me, word on the street was doublers are going away for good (and by word "word on the street," I mean, word from corporate). They had massive amounts of attempted fraud this time around, and the cashiers were getting harassed constantly. Right before I showed up, a crazy couponer (not to be confused with a Krazy Kouponer-because from what I hear, those are some pretty stand up gals!) cussed a cashier out, because the cashier wouldn't let her double a $2 coupon. Seriously? Letting the curse words fly over a dollar? It boggles my mind.

All we can do now is coupon the proper way, and hope that they change their minds (although, all the cashiers I spoke to today were breathing a collective sigh of relief after hearing the news).

On a side note, I learned that some new guidelines came down from corporate a few days ago. They specify that a cashier can do 3, and only 3, separate transactions per customer. If a customer would like to do more than 3, they would have to return to the back of the line. This rule does not seem unreasonable to me, especially during their peak hours. The manager I spoke to this morning said he had no problems with his cashiers doing more than 3 transactions if it was slow, and he had multiple cashiers checking.

So just a heads up for the upcoming sale tomorrow. Obviously, it may require numerous transactions. Let's respect the 3 transaction limit. It's gonna be a crazy week of fabuLESS deals at Albertsons!


A Thrifty Mom said...

My cashier told me the same thing today. She said she thought is was good for the busy time...but just a hassle when it was slow and she would be happy to more than that if the line was short. I love my Albertsons cashiers they are so great! I think was should help them out in any way we can!

The Barkers said...

What are some people thinking? It says it will double up to one dollar. I do not understand why some people think they deserve what is otherswise stated. You are getting a great deal.For some people,I guess that just isn't enough! I never do more than one transaction at a time. (unless its 6am and I am the ONLY one in the store)I'm getting a GREAT deal. The least I can do is put my things in the car and go back or just come back later. I know that if I wasn't a couponer I would not want to stand behind someone doing three transactions! Thanks to all the hard working cashiers! MOST of us appreciate you all! I hope they give us another chance with the doublers. I was just getting the hang out it! Sorry had to vent!! Thanks for the great post.

Cathy said...

Once again, crazy peeps out there ruining it for the rest of us. Amazing that you can cuss out a cashier when the policy is CLEARLY written on the coupon!! "Coupons valued at $1.01 or higher are not eligible for doubling."

But I can totally handle 3 transactions at a time. And hopefully all the other couponers can respect this too and keep a nice positive attitude towards our checkers!!

Thanks for the great insight Amber!

Jennifer said...

I was at albertsons last night and someone pitched a huge fit about not being able to double a $2 coupon. HELLO!? It says CLEARLY that it is up to a $1. I felt bad for the cashier. No wonder couponers are getting a bad rep. :(

Monica said...

It may be an issue b/c I think all the cashiers had to sign a form saying that they would not do more than 3 transactions at a time. So it may vary by store and manager.
I am totally fine with it. I don't like holding up people behind me anyway. Most trips I do not need more than 3 trans. This weeks sale may be a little more tricky but I can make another trip.
People need to be more respectful of each other. Thanks for another great post Amber and let's hope we get to keep the doublers!

Amber said...

I reworded the end of the post, because after re-reading it, I thought it sounded like I was making light of that new rule. The cashiers told me they ALL had to sign off on that new policy, so I think it is important we spread the word. Hopefully, they won't be hassled because of it during this promo!

amanda said...

That really sucks that doubles might go away!!! I can see why they might do that though. I was really upset.. I got the morning capri sun drink and go the last 2 on the shelf and then another lady got some regular ones after me and was in front of me at the register. She used the coupon that specifically said the morning kind and got 4 boxes with no problem!!!! I would have much rather had the other kind but was following what the coupon said!!!!! I really wanted to point it out then and there but thought better to not cause a scene!!! Just a little upset about it.