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Saturday, March 7, 2009

FabuLESS Freezer Cooking: BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe!

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Here is one of the first freezer meal recipes we'll be posting!

This pizza is soooo yummy! And I was so excited to learn about the crust! For $1.50, you can purchase some already made pizza dough back near the deli at Winco (or use thawed out Rhodes bread loaves and split in half). It makes a fabuless crust and is makes making homemade pizza sooo much easier!

So here is the recipe!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

1 pizza crust (store bought or homemade)
2 c. mozzarella cheese
½ Red onion
2 Chicken breasts
2-3 c. BBQ Sauce

6 pizza crusts
12 c. mozzarella cheese
3 Red onions
12 Chicken breasts
12-18 c. BBQ Sauce

Cook chicken and cut into small slices or shred. When pizza dough is room temp, roll, or hand press onto foil pizza pan (I love my stone too - so hang on here with me), spread out BBQ sauce, top with chicken and onion; finish with sprinkling cheese and cilantro. Wrap with foil.

It was super easy to take my pizza of the disposable foil pan and put it on my pizza stone. Bake @ 400 for 20 min (from frozen).

I wish I had pictures of this beautiful pizza! I just loved it! When we prep the pizzas, we each put our own together, as some don't want cilantro (this makes it delish though!), or I'll only put onions on half, and so on.

Oh guess what Cathy I have pictures.............

This one is right before baking!

We ate half of it before I got a chance to take a picture.

Stay tuned next week for another Fabuless Freezer Meal Recipe!


Shanna said...

I make this with Boboli crust and we add pineapple tidbits. My kids LOVE it!

Cathy said...

Shanna - good stuff! Pineapple sounds yummy!

Thanks for adding pictures Monica!!

Tricia said...

Looks yummy!

Twyla said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog. Discovered you from tip junkie. Your advice on starting a group is so helpful. I know some people who want to do this. I'll have to pass on the info.

Alisha said...

I came over from Tip Junkie and have started looking through your archives. Great stuff! Just earlier today I was thinking about coming up with a plan to start freezer cooking. Perfect timing!

Thelissa said...

Can I ask which store you were speaking of when you said you can get pizza dough back by the deli? Do you just mean like pillsbury stuff, or dough FROM the deli? I am in a freezer group and this is a great addition to our recipe book. Also, do you just freeze the pizza once it is put together? What about thawing? Do you bake it frozen, or do you need to let it thaw? I would love answers so I can make this for my group! YUM!

Cathy said...

Hey Thelissa - Sorry, I did forget to say that I bought the ready made pizza dough at Winco (If you don't have a Winco, you can just use the frozen Rhodes bread dough - let it thaw and one loaf will do two pizza crusts) It was near the area where the fresh pasta and REAL guacamole is. Yes, we assemble the pizza and then freeze. Bake it frozen - only takes 20 minutes! Enjoy!

Taia said...

Where do you find disposable al pizza pans?

Cathy said...

Taia - Just in the grocery store where they sell the foil casserole or cake pans... many stores also sell foil/disposable pizza pans.