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Monday, April 6, 2009

Albertsons new promo


So, here's the scan of the promotion! Thanks Sara, for bringing this by to me. So when you spend $25 between April 9th and April 12th with your preferred card, you receive two 10% off coupons, one valid April 13-April 19th, the other valid April 20-April 26th. In the fine print, it says that you can only redeem one per transaction, so no combining this time! But 10% off is still a great deal!

My friend Sara called me tonight about another Albertsons ad she saw in the paper, besides the one with the doubling coupons. It was in section A of the Statesman. I haven't seen it yet, but wanted you to watch for it... it might help you plan. This is totally off of memory of what she told me in the noisy car on the way to Nampa Sunday night... so the dates, etc are probably not accurate yet, but I'll look up the details tomorrow and make sure they are right and update. It's not a coupon either, just an informational ad, so if you already recycled your paper today, you don't need to go dig it out before trash day.

It sounds like for every $25 you spend at Albertsons between April 9th and 12th, you will receive two 10% off certificates. One will be valid for the week of the 13th of April, and one will be valid for the following week (the 20th). I think she said you can earn one set of savings certificates per transaction, up to three sets total. So you'd want to break up your purchases into $25 transactions. I'd like to find out if these savings can be combined (ex: if you earned 3 -10% certificates, can you combine them for 30% off one transaction?)

I was so bummed when the Cool Savings rewards came to an end, and I'm excited that this is just around the corner! Has anyone heard if they'll be doing this type of promo regularly now? I hope so. If you read my Cool Savings post a few days ago, you know this deal saved me a lot of money on meat! If you're interested in this promo - scour the paper and comment with the details, or I'll verify tomorrow with Sara and try to get a scan of the ad to post.


Hilmarose said...

The Seattle Times had it... can't remember what section but I cut it out as a reminder.

"Get TWO 10% OFF COUPONS when you spend $25 or more between Thursday, April 9th and Sunday, April 12th using your Albertsons Preferred Card. (Promotion limited to two 10% coupons awarded per transaction)"

And then there is lots of fine print that my 40+ year old eyes can't read and I don't know where a magnifying glass is!!!!

Alyson said...

By the way, I was just at the Overland and Orchard Albertsons and they have a big stack of the insert with the coupon doublers by the front door. There were still quite a few there. You can only use three per transaction.

Tricia said...

Thanks Hilmarose! That was tiny fine print, wasn't it? I had to squint!

Alyson, that's a great head's up! I'm sending my husband over (he works near there) to grab a few for me!