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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is It Worth My Time?

We had a reader ask this question about Walgreens:
"My complaints are that too many people are finding out about these deals and they are out of all of the good ones. Is it worth my time?"

My answer is YES, but here are some things to consider:

Rain Checks: Walgreens gives rain checks for items in the ad as well as there in ad coupons. Although if it is a RR deal I think you are OOL.

Pre-Order: If you know something is going on sale pre-order with your store. They have to get the order in before the sale starts so you will need to do your homework at Iheartwags

Don't Hoard: If more people just took what they need there would be more for the rest of us. NEVER clear a shelf a product. That is just rude and selfish. In this economy there are plenty of other people who NEED to take advantage of good deals as well.

Deals come again: Don't forget this. I thought that the Albertson's pamper diaper deal was a once in a lifetime deal. (Pampers for $1.87 a package if you did the deal right.)
Well that same week Rite Aid was having a Huggies deal where you could get 2 packages of diapers and 2 packages of wipes for $4.36! (That beat the pampers deal), but no one noticed b/c they were so focused on the Albertsons deal.

Then the Walgreen's Huggies deal came along a couple of months later.

So you see it is not the last sale or the only opportunity. It will come along again so don't stress and please don't hoard.

I have been able to get free shampoo, body wash, razors and toothpaste time and time again. You do not need to get a years supply on one sale!

As for too many people finding out I ask myself that almost every time I post. Should I make sure I get mine and then post? (I rarely ever do.)

Well here is what I have concluded. EVERYONE needs to save! I talk to people on a weekly basis that have lost their jobs or are on the verge. I have had to watch my husband lay off guys at his job and seen his hours scaled way back. Every where you look there are people that need or will need these frugal tips.

Besides if I don't post about it someone else will! So we may as well share the deals with our Fabuless Friends!


Amber said...

I am so glad you girls are willing to share. I am lucky in that my husband has a secure job, but they have put a freeze on all overtime and so our budget has been cut. So, like everyone else in America, we are looking for ways to save. I am just grateful you put all this effort into helping others. Seriously, it is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Lott said...

Thanks for the comment about not hoarding. My husband was laid of by MPC in October and still hasn't found employment. I'm doing everything I can to cut corners, but it is so frustrating when I see someone clear a shelf.

Thanks for posting all the great deals!

Carley said...

Just an FYI but the week of March 22-28th Walgreen's Huggies will be $9.99. No RR but still a great deal with your $5 or $3 off coupon. One more opportunity to stock up and this time, I know I can place an order! That will save me many restless nights of sleep worrying about diapers!!;)