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Friday, March 20, 2009

Coupons and Freebies in the Mail

I am kind of a skeptic so when I first started seeing offers for free stuff on websites I just ignored it. I didn't really think I would actually get any of it. The more I read about other blogger mommies like me getting free stuff in the mail, the more confidence I had. It was like having a trusted friend who had done it tell you about all the great stuff they got. So I started submitting for coupons and freebies on the internet. Guess what? They actually do come. I can not guarantee all of them, some are scams! Many are legitimate as well. We try to lead you only to the good ones, but sometimes we might make mistakes so be sure to do your own home work!

Here are a few tips to help you out!

Ask yourself who is offering the free samples?
Is it being offered by a major company like, Pampers, Betty Crocker, or Costco? Look at the URL address and then back it out by deleting everything after the first "/" to see if it takes you to the home page. Look at the links, do they work? Look for a copyright and Privacy Policy. See any misspellings - that's a red flag!

Don't give out any information unless you want it to be used

* I always use a junk email address (if you don't have one get one from gmail)
* Sometimes I use another name (Example: My uncle uses the name Cou Pon. Funny huh? Sometimes I am Fabuless Frugal)
* I rarely put a current phone number (I can not stand telemarketers)
* I never put my real b-day. I chose one that I can remember and puts me at my age. Many times they just want to know that you are 18 or older. The reason I choose one I can remember is in case I need to get into the account and I can not remember the password they may use it to verify.
* I do give my address since I want the freebie.
* Choose a password just for freebies. Sometimes they ask for a password to set up an account. Do not use a password that is connected with your personal info or bank info. Consider keeping it the same for all freebies, otherwise you will have a hard time remembering and keeping track!

If it says FREE then it is FREE

Never give out your credit card number. If they ask for your credit card you are not getting a free sample.