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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Albertsons Cereal Sale - .24 a box!! Revisited and Revisited again!

**Updated with more accurate info!!** (rather than doing ANOTHER cereal post, I'm just updating).

So I want to talk more about this fantastic Albertsons Post Cereal sale that starts tomorrow.

The Caldwell store manager, Jared, warns that there may not be much product at some of the stores at first, as they didn't get much notice about this sale. He advised us that both the Nampa stores have ordered 50 palettes of cereal from Post, and he ordered 70 for his store (which is located at 2500 Blaine St in Caldwell).

The cereal is on sale for $1.57 a box - WHEN YOU BUY TWO.

There is also a catalina sale going (according to PYP)
Buy any Post cereal (10 oz or larger) during purchase dates and save up to $5 off your next order (Voucher will print after you pay)
buy 3 get $2 off
buy 4 Get $3 off
buy 5 or more and get $5 off
Between 3/27/09 and 4/19/09
(so it sounds like if you buy 10, you'll still only get one $5 cat)

Here's what Tricia figured out for us above. It looks like it would be best to purchase 6 boxes of cereal for $1.57 each. Use 3 $1/2 coupons, give your $5 catalina, and you'll pay $1.42 (plus tax) for your six boxes of cereal. This is approx .24 for a box of cereal. Still an amazing deal!

Now about those coupons!

As Monica mentioned, you can find a coupon for $1 off any two boxes of Post Selects cereal in the March 1st Smart Source insert.

There is also $1/2 Post Raisin Bran, Shreeded Wheat, or Grape Nuts in the Sunday (3/29) Smart Source Insert.

Want more coupons? Here is what I'm doing - I just went on eBay and ordered 20 coupons that are good for $1/2 Post Selects (they do expire April 12th) - it cost me $1.99 with shipping. I'm sure I'll get it by Wednesday or Thursday. I also found another *Buy It Now* auction for 20 $1/2 coupons good o
n POST Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran, Grape-Nuts Nuggets or Flakes. So I'm paying just under $4 for another 40 coupons that will save me $40 in cereal. Let's assume I really do go purchase 80 boxes of cereal (FIRST AND FOREMOST - I would NOT do this all in one day at one store!! That is called HOARDING and is rude and inconsiderate!!), I'll end up doing and spending $19.20 out of pocket (not including tax) for 80 boxes of cereal! Not too bad!

Be aware that this sale isn't for "sugar" cereals (as we so lovingly call them at my house). See Monica's previous post for the list of cereals that are included in this sale.

Have fun and play nice!

ps - Let's help each other out this week and share when you find a store that is out of stock, or has a lot in stock, or if you find out when they'll be getting more in stock!

You are most definitely FABULESS!!


Cindy said...

How long can your store cereal? I want to stock up but am worried about it going stale. Any suggestions?

Liberty said...

How many is too many to buy at one time? I read on another site that suggested placing an order? Do they just save them from their pallets from the back?

Monica said...

I would say if the basket of your cart is full in a single layer that is enough on one trip. The cereal does expire.
You have to consider your family size and how fast you go through cereal.
Also if you have been following our site for a while you may already have a stock pile. So you would not want to get as much.
This is big kid cereal so your kids may or may not eat it. How much will the adults in your house eat and will you get sick of it before it is gone.
Where are you going to keep it all? I have cereal under our guest bed and in my sons closet. Kinda weird, I know. You have to be sure you have a place for it.
All these things you have to consider for yourself.
To give you an idea the Frosted flakes I bought last week will expire in Nov. I will have 7 months to eat them, which my hubby can eat almost a whole box in one sitting, so that should be easy.
BE SURE TO CHECK EXP DATES. I have bought things at Albies sales before that exp in a month or are already expired. You may or may not have til nov on the post cereal.
Cereal does get stale. We have never had a problem going through it though. But I am kind of parinoid about using the oldest stuff so it does not go bad. I bought 40 or 50 boxes back in Aug on a sale. We are still using it. (It will expire in May.) I have gotten a few more here and there since that too. It is hard to pass up a good cereal sale.
Putting in an order is a great idea, if you want a lot or if you want a certain kind. Then you don't have to worry about taking from others selection. This is a 10 day sale so it should be plenty of time. Although from what Jared was saying the Post warehouse is cleared out from all the cereal that is being shipped to this valley. CRAZY!
Way too much info here I got a little carried away.
I am not even sure if I really answered your questions! Hope something in all that rambling was helpful!

Emily said...

Does anyone know which specific cereals the catalina offer is for? I saw the list of cereals on sale for 1.67, but are they the only ones that will activate the catalina, or will buying any kind of post cereal get you the deal? For instance, will the trail mix crunch (that we got the $2/1 printables for) be included in the cat offer?

Emily said...

Also, when I do the math, 5 boxes x 1.67 = 8.35, minus 2 $1/2 coupons = 6.35, factor in $5 catalina = 1.35, divided by 5 boxes = .27 per box. Did I do something wrong? How are you getting the cereal for .17?

I'm new at this, so it would really help if you spelled it out for me. Thanks!

Cathy said...

Emily - Now that I have the ad in hand, and can see a few discrepancies from what the store manager told us, I'm going to up date this post!

Rachel A said...

If I buy the initial 6 boxes. Then do another transaction for 6 more boxes and use my $5 catalina from the first, will another catalina print out? (Example: Walgreens won't print out a catalina for an offer if you use the catalina from the same offer.)

Cathy said...

Rachel - That's one reason Albertsons is sooo Fabuless! They will continually print out - they aren't like Walgreens! So go ahead and do transaction after transaction after transaction... Woo hoo!

Monica said...

Up above when I said I bought 40-50 boxes in Aug. Actually I split them with Trisha and we did it with a rain check a couple of weeks after the main sale. We ordered our cereal and they had it for us in the back.

thehughughes said...


thehughughes said...

Ok, I looked at my other recipt and it is right. I don't know whats going on.