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Thursday, February 12, 2009


During the Kraft cracker sale at Albertsons I noticed that a couple of the boxes of crackers I bought were expired. They did replace them for me no problem, but it was annoying to have to exchange them.

Make sure to check the dates on the stuff you are buying especially if you are stocking up. Will I use all of these before they expire? Even if you get an item for free it is not worth the hassle if it goes bad.

I do use some products past expiration, but it is hard to know what is safe and what is not. What do you do? Any ideas or hints?


Marne said...

Albies is really good at this...selling stuff close to or past expiration dates! It is annoying! There are things I won't use past the date, like granola bars, because they are stale. Some crackers I have used are stale too. For my own peace of mind since I am a control freak I just don't stock up on it if the expiration date is too close. Other things like yogurt, sour cream, canned soup, etc can be used far past the expiration date. So it just depends for me.

Tricia said...

I also noticed several items that were expired during the Kraft sale. Most of the ranch and italian dressing on the shelves at 3 stores were already expired or about to expire - I'm not an expert on how long stuff is good after the expiration date, though. I do know that canned goods are fine way after expiration date unless the can is dented or bulging. However, the nutritional value does decrease over time. I'm with you on cereals and crackers - they taste stale when they get close or past the date.

I always try to check dates on products, even just day to day stuff - carrots, cottage cheese etc. Because I never know how fast we'll go through it! I always dig in the back for the farthest-out exp date.