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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Albertsons Jan 28-Feb 3

Here's a little sneak peak at the Albertsons ad coming out tomorrow.

Looks so so. I'm considering the chicken (want to compare with the frozen chicken at Costco), and the crackers/cheese deal. I know, I know. The sale at Freds on the same crackers is pretty darn good, but now I get the option of free cheese? I'll have to check the price difference on that first.

What is looking good to you?



Are you really awake @ 4:45 in the morning? I've noticed some VERY early posts lately. Thanks for the information on deals--I'll catch on soon enough!

Anonymous said...

This is what the Megan's bargains and more blog said about this topic. I was wondering myself.
QUOTE:, chicken went on sale at Alberstons for $1.67 a pound (and then the next week for $1.59 a pound!). When boneless skinless chicken is on sale for under $1.70 per pound, I stock up. I actually bought 12 pounds that week, because I was feeding my big family here for the holidays. But usually, I will still buy at least 10 pounds. 10 pounds for $16-$17 is a great deal. At Costco, their chicken is about $2.20 per pound in the freezer section. Fresh chicken at the grocery store NOT on sale, ranges from $2.99 to $4.99 a pound depending on where you are shopping. So, when you are buying it on sale, you can almost buy twice as much!


Cathy said...

Thank you anonymous person! :) I went to Costco today and saw that the frozen chicken breasts were indeed over $2/lb. So I shall stock up!!